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Mercedes Kompressor


Mercedes Kompressor

This week's tip:

Fielded a call this past week from a Mercedes Kompressor owner (230 hatch, I think) concerned that installing film on the back window will cause solution to get inside the top of the hatch back and short out an electronic component.

Man is the car maker's locating electronic/computer stuff in the path of moisture ever getting old!

This lady questioned the wisdom of its location as well, given the fact that after a heavy rain there'll be moisture that can run down in the same space when the owner opens the hatch.

She asked what could be done, she wanted her windows tinted. Here's the tip and what I told her: MS. Amy, have the installer keep Mercedes Kompressor hatch closed and do the glass while in the closed position. She loved it and even went on to say that the seats fold down... as if that would make it any easier.

If you're getting old(er) like me and other oldtinters... this may not be fun, but it's a solution for that next client with this car... the one who comes in armed with a 'no tint warning' from the Mercedes dealer!

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