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Previous Pic of the Week Winners


Previous Pic of the Week Winners:

By: "bladez" August 12 2012 POTW #274

Lamborghini Aventador - Suntek Carbon 35


By: "SolarArt" August 5 2012 POTW #273

Here is another project hot off the presses this morning. Last one for a while as I'm back in the design phase of projects.

All tint films used to produce this art on the interior of the windows (except the door hours are in vinyl on the outside). A pile of work into this one. The photo is hard to take but the windows knock you over when you see them in person. This will last them many years of show and cooler temps in their office that faces south.

Surfing guy is actually a custom drawn caricature of the Orthodontist that owns the business. Details, details, details are what is making people go crazy over this layout. Three new referrals and it just went up. The little coconut drinks, the parrot, sandals & beach ball. It was designed to matched the interior of their office and it is all over the top. The tiki hut for the door entrance uses 8 colors alone. I think last count there was 17 different colors used here. SG Solar Bronze 20 for the beach. SG Silver 20 for the backing film.


By: "Tint Eastwood" July 29 2012 POTW #272

Here is a job from a little while back, had to go there last week for a couple more panes. Just an awesome view. Believe it was PR 50 on those panes.


By: "blade" July 22 2012 POTW #271

1940 Olds....LLumar ATR30.


By: "SolarArt" July 15 2012 POTW #270

A lot of work into this one. All hand cut but the "Lee's" logos which are plotter cut. All window tint films. Silver 20 backup film. Project turned out great. The picture is adjacent storefront windows cropped together to remove the spacer wall between window sets. It shows the whole storefront. Hope you enjoy.


By: "blade" July 8 2012 POTW #269

Here's a '66 Nova I did last Friday in Johnson's Marathon 30.


By: "Coast To Coast Tinting" July 1 2012 POTW #268

1947 Chevy coupe


By: "TintTintTintTint" June 24 2012 POTW #267

Yesterday, storm coming in over the mountains and across the lake. Nice spot.


By: "TomTint" June 17 2012 POTW #266

This is one room in a building we are working on. After everything is finished it is a bit over 3000 SF of this design


By: "MikeMN" June 10 2012 POTW #265

3M NV-35 just over 10,000 SQ ft.


By: "kats2112" June 3 2012 POTW #264

Effin' tight squeeze!


By: "kats2112" May 27 2012 POTW #263

Kemah Aquarium

llullu deco blue with some 2 mil on top. 80" circles.

WEEEE! Boom lift!

And no, that's not 2 big air bubbles on the left one! :spit

Oh, and it was R&R.


By: "TomTint" May 20 2012 POTW #262

This job was 280 L/F of stripes. 2 people, 2days, 555 pieces of film. And 2 very sore feet.


By: "TintJunkie" May 13 2012 POTW #261

Monster window in a house I did yesterday. 74x130. Madico SB40. Seam at the top in which the window treatment covered. Did two of them in this house. Cake!


By: "kevinbvw" May 6 2012 POTW #260

'62 Impala with Viper 38%


By: "blade" April 29 2012 POTW #259

Challenger I did last Friday with Johnson Greystone


By: "guardiangraphics" April 22 2012 POTW #258

Tool box wrapped in Oak Ambush Camo...avery film and overlam, doing another next week!


By: "F1windowtinting" April 15 2012 POTW #257

Fisker Karma, Formula One Pinnacle PIPL 30% all the way around


By: "Booms" April 8 2012 POTW #256

'57 Ford Ranchero... :cool

Michigan Legal Tint Job... 35% Rear Glass..... :spit


By: "MikeMN" April 1 2012 POTW #255

Top floor P-18 and the rest P-15 and R15G.


By: "gazscot" March 25 2012 POTW #254


Since TintDude is world wide thought I`d share this, the overall glass size is 6000 x 2500 and we applied gray vinyl for the world and blue for the shipping lines this customer uses and the ports they stop at...

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