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Protection Plus in Shrewsbury, MA


Protection Plus in Shrewsbury, MA

Q: I am going to (hopefully) be bringing my car to Protection Plus in Shrewsbury, MA for them to do a clear bra install on my 2004 Jetta GLI. We tried to install some of the pieces ourselves, and they just don't look good.

My question is this: Do you guys recommend them as a good installers? I am very|\|4L about my car, so I want to get it done right.

I went to a BMW show recently and only saw one BMW with a good looking clear bra and found out that Protection Plus did it. But who knows if all their installs look that good..........

Anyone have experience with them?

A: I have known Joe and those guys a few years and they were listed on my website for a while when we were on the same cutting program. They are good installers.

A: Seeing that she is in Maine - a place with a lot of snow salt sand etc in the winter, going with a coated film is a must! As for scratching, touch a black car wrong and it scratches, clean it properly and it looks good!

Dark grey is a great color to hide PPF, no matter which film you use.

A: The new 3M looks great on black or white paint. Why would you want anything else?

A: I contacted them today......

Well, I am bringing my own 3M clear bra kit with me for them to install. They said they would install someone else's kit, gave me a price on the install that I am happy with, and said it would take about 3 hours! I am a happy girl now! I have to drive 2 hours to their shop, but it will be well worth it if it comes out good.

Q: Another question.....

How do they prep the paint? Do they wash it first then apply something like 3M Adhesive Remover? I am concerned that they might wash it with a broom like they do at dealerships and leave scratches/swirl marks all over the car......if thats the case, forget about it.

I will ask when I call to schedule an appointment......

A: I hate to think anyone in PPF would do such a thing. I'm sure they will take very good care of your car. Go ahead and clean it up as much as you can before you drive out there.

A: Your results are going to be a direct factor of a couple things.

A. Who you got your kit from, and what design house they use.

B. Is it a clear or non clear coated film?

C. how long has it been at the design house/salespersons shop?

D. If it IS 3M clearcoated, is it the new film or old film?

For this simple fact I dont install anyone else's kit, because it usually falls on the head of the installer. Suppose you get to there and the kit has wrong sections in it? Or has a flaw in the film? It is always best to have the installer get the kit they are comfortable with, if their supplier isnt the kit of choice. walk away

I looked at the pic of your car and kudos for a nice ride, BUT, you have to trust the persons. I have told people no right up front that are too apprehensive, I feel no matter what I do that I couldnt please them, not based upon what I'm capable of, but by their expectations of the product. I certainly hope it works out best for you and please dont take my comments as nit-picking

A: Protection Plus still and will always cary 3M Film. We have some of the best Installers working for us.

A: Well, the film is finally on.......

I must say that I am absolutely happy with the outcome!! It came out so good thanks to Dave at Protection Plus. I will now recommend them to anyone considering PPF. They will definitely get more business because I will never stop bragging about my front end now.......the cheapest and easiest way of advertising is having satisfied customers like me!

If you're reading this......Thanks, Dave!

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