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Reverse roll?


Just like a reverse roll the importance is to have a clean glass on the outside to aviod contaminants. The video also seems to have a solid plastic rear deck and not the tightest rear glass. I put butcher paper wax side up. Over top of the rear deck to cover felt. Also covers any speakers that may be there. That would be good for avoiding contaminants with the TTC fold. Did that years ago but havent tried it recently. Stuck with the franky. Didnt know the technical name. If thats what it is. Haha

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While rolling the liner is out, correct!

Or one could call it rolled to the inside :thumb

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I roll mine liner in. Curled up in the roll. That way when I start the first foot before I bring it to the glass I can roll the liner around the roll and stick it to the back side of the tint so it peels itself as I roll. Easier than liner outwards

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And I dunno bout a good link :(

And btw, I dig ur avatar!

Thanks ridiculous, troy is pretty awesome. Going to give reversing a shot on some windshields the frankie isnt cutting it.

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I'm gonna try the TTC fold method on my next bg...maybe try that too if franki ain't cuttin it :thumb

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Reverse roll can be uncomfortable on some bg's especially 2-door cars. I use the TTC on all BGs but I do use the reverse roll on windshields, makes them a lot easier to do by yourself.

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I'm mainly talking about windshields I always use ttc on the back glass but I didn't think it would work that good on windshields.

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TTC is definitely where its at. I haven't quite mastered the reverse roll yet tho.

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