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Review of a Sirius signal safe Sample 35%


I had this in another thread, but thought I would add it to this section so it could be found a little easier:

Okay, overall, even just looking at the film on the roll we could tell it was quality. it had a great weight for only being 10-20 feet, and very good color and consistency in the dye. it doesnt have a strong grain that appears to be an oil slick in our other film. in other words, a nice solid charcoal style film. when we began tinting the fusion, we of course started with the rear windshield. initially I was a bit worried with the matrix dots on the rear glass, but this stuff shrank incredibly well, and for 35%, you could barely tell a difference in adhesion where the matrix dots were. they didnt really stick out at all, and that impressed me. aside from shrinking well on the back glass, it also adhered well in the corners, and gave us almost no fingers during the drying process while doing the rest of the vehicle. there were a few minor ones, and they pretty much were still with water, which happens. pushed them out, no biggie.

when we moved to the side glass windows we did notice one thing and it really isnt a con, its just something we used to do with our old films. it is necessary to go ahead and shrink the side windows, at least on that fusion, to prevent fingers. we made the mistake of thinking we could do a little post shrinking from the inside with a little heat, but we could not. that did create a crease in the film. no big deal, you just have to learn the little things about new film.

we even did stress test of sorts in comparison to our regular film. to start, as I said earlier, the biggest visual difference is in the clarity and lack of a grain look in this sirius film. it looks like a quality film on a vehicle. we hung a strip of each film on our mirror, and began destroying them (scraps after the car). I wont say we couldnt scratch the sirius, but it is safe to say it has a very impressive scratch coat on the film. we used some notorious scratching cards we have, and pushed harder than you ever will with windows, and in all directions/angles. again, there was some scratching, but probably a tenth of the scratches we created on our other film. another thing we did was pull the film off and intentionally fold it, and the result had far less creases than our other film. depending on where this would happen, the window would have been salvageable. our other film crinkled like saran wrap.

And another thing to display the durability happened by accident. A friend was in the shop and knocked our roll over, hitting a curb that is at the foot of my wall. its jagged, so I was worried as hell. when I picked it up, the outer layer had a serious gouge, and I was worried the rest of the sample was destroyed--it was NOT. in fact, only 1 layer was torn, and second slightly dented. normally from a fall like that, wed expect to go through 4 layers. This was our 35% test, and well get some photos up as soon as I have a different computer for access. But all-in-all, I, my tinter, and my customer all loved the look and feel of the film. And the price is competitive to what im paying now, and a jump in quality can mean a lot at that price point. We are going to do a strip and retint on a srt-4 in a couple days for the %20 sample, and well of course make an account of the film on that as well. again, ill get some photos up, hopefully this evening, both of the car, and a little of the comparisons of the film.

I am looking forward to test this out again, and we do have a couple other samples coming as well, including SolarGard. They should have a rep in the area, and I spoke with Rhonda there who seemed to offer customer service pretty well also. I told her my expectations, and she told me about a line that will meet the requirements, now we just have to work with it, and of course see a price. the most important thing to us is color stability in an NR film, along with lifetime warranty, a good scratch coat, good shrinkability, and great customer service, all while maintaining a competitive price. so far, Valiant seems to have all of that, especially on the customer service side. Ive heard great things, and spoken with them several times now, for quite a bit, and that says a lot. I grilled on questions, and received legit answers on all of them. they seem to care as much as we do.

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Guest top notch auto works llc


Ive tried many lower price films out there and sirius beats them all by far.

this seems to be a pretty popular consensus from what ive seen so far.

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You will have to let me know how that neon goes. I haven't had any issues with any of the cars I've done in sirius, but I'm curious if I can get it to shrink some of the more difficult shrinks, it's not quite as easy to work with as my Llumar. I really like the sirius though, and hope it has longevity to go with the nice initial install.

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Guest top notch auto works llc

Posted (edited)

yeah ill keep you posted. weve only had 35% opportunities lately, which is rare. the 35% shrank very well, so i assume the same film in 20% we will pleased with. it wasnt rubbery, but also didnt crease up when shrinking. were just waiting on the go ahead. we still have to remove the old tint from the neon first. im not looking forward to that. lol. it is purple, peeled, and applied in multiple pieces. that cant be good.

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Guest top notch auto works llc


yeah ive got some extra clear coat film here ive kept on hand for that. hopefully it will help, but it just got COLD!

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