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What do you use to clean glass?


I have been reading the forums and found them very very helpful. I tinted my first window today and I must say I think I did pretty good for my first time, although it was a simple side window on a 98 civic coupe. I creased it in one spot but I'm proud of my first window.

My question is what do you use to clean it when your done? Water? Alcohol? The soap and water solution?

And how much j&j do u put it a standard spray bottled? I know there's many many topics about this but I never seen what it was to a actual spray bottle?

Also should I of had to heat shrink the window on this car? I had fingers everywhere! I didn't buy a heat gun yet so I had to use a hair dryer lol

Should a blue scrub pad be good enough for cleaning or should you always use a razor? I only had a scrub pad and just took my time and made sure it was clean.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I feel I want to go further in tinting as I enjoyed doing my first window.

Than you,


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May I suggest seeking a professional training course.

I am sure others will give you more positive replies.

Check out stans DVDs for a start.

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Thanks for answering all my questions....

If I had the money for a course dont you think I would do it?

The purpose of starting small for myself is to get money for a course....

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Ah the chicken and the egg.

What do you do first? Save up, go on a course so you can carry out top quality professional installs, then get better quicker and then eventually charge more so returning you investment quicker, or do you do crappy jobs charge peanuts, get disillusioned, go do something else and let the rest of us pick up the pieces and try to restore the tarnished reputation of the window film industry that you left behind because you know better and didn't start off running your business in the correct manner.

Seriously you ain't the first and you ain't the last to come on here with this attitude, and almost without exception they have failed.

Do yourself and everyone else a favour and do things the correct way. Save up and do it properly.

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Nah think I'll do it my way

Fair enough, Good luck in whatever you do as with that attitude it won't be window tinting.

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Malcolm hit it perfect. Dont Waste your time tryin to learn on you own. If u plan on makin a career just get the training. It takes money to make money bro. I wasted prolly 6 months of my life tryin to learn on my own cause i was the same way you were lol.

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Sometimes the hard way is the best way to learn for some people. :lol

Besides I remember being 20 years old and I knew everything back then. :beer

Im not saying I know everything that's why I'm asking the pros, I'm not gonna spend a ton of money for training if I don't even like it. So I'll start small and go from there. On the way I will learn from my mistakes and get better. Then a course will show me even more. You can never know enough of anything when doing a job.

I'm 20, when I was 17 I was in school for welding. When I graduated I was hired into a company and was told I should continue training for welding, I denied. The company has the best welders in the country. I learned from my mistakes and learned while working an became one of the top welders In the company by my second year. I've accomplished more in 2 years then most people do in 10. I've been in this situation before of being told to do training first, I'm again going to to the same thing.

I'm sure your going to say this has no relevance and I don't really care. I'm just telling you I'm not a "know it all" and that's why I'm asking these questions

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thats cool, but it seems you know the answer to your question. You just need someone to tell you that you are making the right choice.

Personaily if you can't afford the videos or the class rightnow. Then you should watch every video you can find on Youtube. This might help you out, and you won't have to make as many mistakes at first and save yourself some time and film in the process. Some of the video's you will find are just dumbass people, and don't know what they are doing. However there are a few good video's on youtube. Johnson window film also has a video series you can watch for free by a professional tinter. Anything you can learn before trail and error will just help you out in real life. As for taking a class. Stan's class is one of the best from what I understand.

Hope that helps some. :beer

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