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Working Conditions


Working Conditions


Hello all, I am moving to new premises soon and wanted to ask all the guys if they can give me any advice on how to set up my new shop.

Ideas on keeping it clean and dust free.I have been tinting for 3 years and have quite a few main dealer contracts, however where i currently work is dusty and so when i move i want the environment to be as perfect as poss

any ideas will be very welcome thanks guys.

Mr paladin

Hose down the walls a floor every day


blow the dust out with an air gun then as mr paladin said.


i agree with mr paladin thats what i do every morning before i open i also hose off any filthy car before it even comes in sucks i get soaked during the tint but my works comes out cleaner


maybe i'm just very fortunate to work where I do, but the only water my walls see is when a hose has a blowout. I don't spray the floor either.


wash the floor everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day. once a month i do a thorough cleaning, wash the walls, the lights, the doors, and the dog.

this girl saved my ass the other night. there was a copperhead in my shop and she came and told me. big sucker too. she walked over to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me. i thought she was playing, but then i saw the hair on her back standing up and turned around and the sombitch was about 10 feet behind me. i was going to take a picture, but the damn thing started crawling towards my bathroom so i had to kill it quick. when it don't rain here, we get alot of visitors who like my wet shop floor.


beautiful dog


thank you, she's my "security system". (tax write off)


Good looking dog. Being a former did you kill it? Bare hands? 100 yard stare?


i was steve erwin mate!!!

just grabbed it by the tail!!!

YEAH RIGHT. i got it with my water bottle. no %&$#. it was close and i grabbed it and dropped it on it's head. i hate those things.


I was hoping you said that you got it using pugil stixx!

Was that copperhead wearing a Solargard T shirt???


Smart Dog!


I love rott's. I have a 2 yr old male. He is very smart, too smart sometimes. He figured out how to unlock doors. I would be watching TV and he would be outside, then inside. I thought I was just not shutting the door or something, then I saw him one day grab the knob and open it. You have to lock the door if you don't want him to come in. Makes the wife mad when she is in the bathroom and he opens the door and walks in on her, it's funny.


Hellofastory man!

As to the shop, plenty of lighting, plenty of trash cans, seal the floor, air and heat system should be filtered at the inlet and outlet and for sure filter the water no matter what.

I once saw a shop that had bathroom tile on its walls so he could hose it down, it looked sharp to.

Make sure there are no body or carpentry shops nearby. I found them to be trouble, especially on windy days.

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