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got the Zaino 2 ,3,5 today any tips or personal experience on use of 2 and 5


1-why didn't you buy Z-1? (you really need it)

2-why did you buy Z-3? (unless you do alot of older cars, there's no use for it)

3-why didn't you buy Z-6?

4-do you know there is a wait of 24 hours between coats of Z-2 and Z-5? also, make sure you print out the tips section and do it exactly as they say to do it.

only use a small amount, it really does go a long way. the more you put on, the harder it is to get off, and the longer it takes to dry. and you're just wasting it.


Got the flashcure additive and forgot to order 1, Did I srew up.I got 3 for 88 mark 7 that is single stage acrylic that sits out front To advertise tinted windows,I did read it takes 24 for next coat .


where are you located? cause you really don't need the ZFX unless you are in a cold climate. the only guys we sell that to are in minnisota, washington, ect. yeah, you really need the Z-1. you can definatly tell the difference when you don't use it.

bandit The 6 sounds like the quick detailer that all companys sale ,what is your opinion because I get a gallon for less than there 16 ounces!! In NC and in a month it will average 40,s Just read then instructions again and it said if useing the new ZFX system to skip useing LOCK 1.They really stress the big cotton towels ,have you used The big micro rags if so Big white cotton or micro


the Z-6 isn't the same as everybody else's stuff. other fast detailers will actually remove the zaino. they aren't compatable at all.

if you're in NC, you can probably use it and be ok. i apply mine in the winter when it's 50 degrees and don't need the ZFX. do it once without using it and see how long it takes to dry. the reason is that ZFX is expensive, and you have to use what you mix up.


good point


i don't understand that one. but like i said, i don't use it. i use their cotton applicators and use white cotton towels to remove it. i use the microfiber towels for the Z-6.


How about the towels

thanks tts will up date on my experience


here's some pics of 4 year old FACTORY paint treated with zaino. can you imagine how good a custom paint job would look? i'll try to get some pics of my dads camaro tomorrow if i have time.

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