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  2. Busy flat glass window film company looking to hire an experienced flat glass installer for full time position. Please email inquiries/resumes to
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  4. I haven't used the CORE software yet myself, but my understanding is its essentially a new delivery system for their patterns, it is a suntek software. I do recall reading somewhere they were going to go back and update older patterns, however uncertain to how valid that is! I believe it was intended to create more workflow as you can use an app on your phone to locate patterns/quote customers. If you are checking out new software, definitely take a look at filmwraps! Newer software, Monthly access, quality over quantity patterns. They dont have a full database just yet, but the patterns that are presently in there fit great and are well designed!
  5. I feel your pain @Bham, I hope it heals quick.
  6. I would check out this thread. Sorry
  7. Currently tinting a 14 High country Silverado. I’m covering the panels but some water got behind my plastic. What is the best dressing/solution for helping with the streaks?
  8. The panes are 78" x 105". We put a vertical seam at 72" + 6".
  9. Working wounded. Pushing the trash down last night and the lid to a can of olives or mushrooms cut deep, right across the knuckle. Had to sleep with splint too. If I bend it it will open it right back up.
  10. No of course not, but you never specified in your vague opening statement what type of install it was. Reveals can look awesome done correctly, not on just one window but you get what I mean, and it would be way easier to drop one piece on a big window like that. BUT,,, After seeing a pic, I would seam that across the top where it is less noticeable and let it ride. A vertical seam will be more noticeable no matter where you put it.
  11. What is the point? Are you going to take it off after summer and store it some place? Good luck with that. Are you going to take it off a put it somewhere else? Does that other place have the same size windows? We take that crap off all the time. The clarity is terrible, the heat and UV rejections are sub-standard, so where is the savings? Money spent on re-usable window film is money thrown away. Get good film done right and you will never regret the expense.
  12. It sounds like you don't know how to tint or run a business. Maybe take some business courses at the local college and get a part time gig in a shop to learn the trade first. Like learning to swim before jumping off the boat.
  13. You'd rather precisely hand cut 4 overlap seams 2 directions than 1 vertical seam?
  14. Middle monday... ugh. Derp.. it's not wednesday. I hate being on lock down.
  15. film on diluted per instructions on the bottle?
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  17. I don't vary my slip mix. I use film on. I have a small bottle with a heavy slip mix that I use to aid when I need extra. I especially use it on the sides of roll down windows to keep from grabbing.
  18. i dont have a precise way to control the slip. if its slipping too much ill dilute my solution with water and if it's tacking ill add more soap. some people use reverse osmosis filtration and claim it helps with consistency. i havnt tried but it might be worth a shot if youre having issues.
  19. How tall? Seam horizontal of you can.... Won't get 80" wide film unless someone is making it now.
  20. Tintbits

    2018 camaro

    This was actually very easy. Sat on the folded rear seat and used my long tools. Beautiful car
  21. Just got lunch from Subway and was told that they were told by the health department that they are no longer allowed to brew fresh tea. Soda machine was still in use. What the hell?
  22. Oh.. also.. I'm watching The Price is Right atm... like.. what are they going to do? Besides the fact they call contestants from the audience, as everyone runs down to the front, they all high-five each other... when they win, everyone high-fives as you go up on the stage... you stand next to Drew, either shake his hand or hug him... Which all that stuff is part of the excitement of being on the show.
  23. None of this makes sense. lol At the local convenience stores - wawa - they stopped selling fountain sodas and coffee... coffee you could get but had to order from the counter. Basically the idea was to not have the public touching, I assume, the coffee pots and soda machine. Which is fine, I get it... went today and it's back to the old way. Like... I dunno. Nothing has really changed - yeah, the numbers are going down, but still. Granted, that was a decision by the chain, not the govt, so they are free to do what they want. It just seems like what was the point of doing it before if they are just going back to the old way already? I dunno.... I went into the pizza shop the other day and I forgot my mask. I thought ugh... I don't want to have to walk back to my car to get it - I was only going in to get a can of soda... I walked in and none of the employees were wearing their masks either. (All the other times I've stopped in they wore them)
  24. Window tinters and Detailing techs for hire. 2 locations Pasadena and Glendora California Competitive pay Clean working environment Fulltime and part time positions Willing to provide training. Bonuses available. Contact Robert 626 255 4987 text or email Visit and for more information Best Regards Stay well and safe Robert.
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