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  1. With a fistful of his loot, the IRS be like.....
  2. Very well, thanks for asking. Weekends are full of "to do" things now.
  3. That is definitely installer error. You can see where his tool went past the film when he was shrinking it, scratching the glass. I mean, what is this installer using to shrink the film? A metal puitty kniife? I would NOT take no for an answer from this shop. That is what they have insurance for.
  4. You looked so fancy with your big ass headphones on.
  5. As stated above, fingers are caused by under shrinking or improper squeegee technique. All a finger is, is excess film OR tension where it shouldn't be...or a combination of both. Next time your doing a back window, pay attention to what you are doing when the finger appears. And stop doing the "+" pattern on your squeegee technique. You are causing yourself problems with that. Question...for finishing the bottom of the film, how do you squeegee? Be specific. You're welcome.
  6. @jh812 Now I know somebody famous.....
  7. Peoples... High of 83° today....
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