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  1. DeLuca Toyota in Ocala Florida is looking for a top flight window tinter . No beginners. This is an opportunity to make as much money as you want. This job isn't going anywhere either. Ownership and management are committed to tinting as many vehicles as possible. • Your own Air Conditioned Bay • Plotter • Unlimited cars • No waiting for someone to give you work. Go to the lot, get a car and tint it • Competitive pay • Monday - Friday 8 to 5 ... maybe 1 Saturday a month. Saturdays are 8 - 12 Available Benefits: • Medical • Dental • 401K • Paid vacation Please contact Jen Flaherty • 352-732-0770
  2. That is definitely installer error. You can see where his tool went past the film when he was shrinking it, scratching the glass. I mean, what is this installer using to shrink the film? A metal puitty kniife? I would NOT take no for an answer from this shop. That is what they have insurance for.
  3. As stated above, fingers are caused by under shrinking or improper squeegee technique. All a finger is, is excess film OR tension where it shouldn't be...or a combination of both. Next time your doing a back window, pay attention to what you are doing when the finger appears. And stop doing the "+" pattern on your squeegee technique. You are causing yourself problems with that. Question...for finishing the bottom of the film, how do you squeegee? Be specific. You're welcome.
  4. As a flat rate technician at a dealership, it is your responsibility to negotiate the best terms possible for your services. Since we don't pay for product you should be in the $100.00 + range to install hood/fenders/mirrors and the same for a bumper. Depending on your experience of course.
  5. I also work for a dealership 5 hours for 16" hood/fender/mirrors and another 5 hours if they want the bumper done. It also depends on what your flat rate is.
  6. That's some real nice stuff you been working on!
  7. You need a compressor with a good air gun. Hose the window down with water, and then blow all the junk out of that rubber gasket. Otherwise you will never get it clean. You're welcome.
  8. Booms

    2021 Toyota Venza

    Yeah, I tinted the second one without removing the alarm sticker. Lemon Squeezy .The first one is still on the lot, tint looks fine, just a minor scratch near the bottom.
  9. Booms

    2021 Toyota Venza

    Do NOT put a razor blade anywhere near driver and passenger front doors. They have a coating that scratches very easily. Ask me how I know. You're welcome...
  10. The reason is called light refraction. The tint bends around the defroster lines causing a distortion that the light *refracts* off of due to the uneven surface. No, you can't do anything about it. You're welcome.
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