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  1. Hey there, doing real well. I want to go to the lake for a week please. How ya been?
  2. Remind me to never ask you to watch my dogs...
  3. No, nothing happened, just been real busy at work. The virus has slowed us down a little. And took a little break.
  4. Peoples... @TintDude Thanks man, good to be back.
  5. ^ This.. There should be no wasted movement, which is one of the things that comes with repetition and experience. And just because you're fast, it doesn't mean you are putting out substandard work. I don't try to be fast. It's just years of doing the same thing over and over ( and over)...
  6. I'm 54 and can tint a new Camry or Corolla in under an hour. It's not about being fast, it's about knowing what to do next without even thinking about it. With (lots) of repetition, comes seamless motion, and that is what makes you fast.