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  1. No, a lot more resistant to installation scratches, It clings to it's self like most films do unlike carbon that doesn't which makes it easier for cutting out too.
  2. We were using ASWF EXCEL IRP but got our first bubbling issue from a job installed Oct 2016 and already have many warranty claims from their other films that haven't been paid after months(****edit have now received credit for warranty jobs*****) so have just swapped to Suntek CIR and really happy with it. On our heat meter display it out performs the Excel IRP and exactly matches Crystaline, It also installs really well and is less prone to scratching than the Excel IRP. We have had bubbling issues with Suntek too but at least they pay their warranties straight away.
  3. Posting for a friend, hope it's allowed. Tint Mart Maryborough, a long-established business (28 years), is now for sale. This Fraser Coast business is situated in a growth area of Queensland. The lifestyle here is more relaxed than big city living. If you are an experienced window tinter, or know of someone who is, and are motivated and able to run a small business, you will enjoy excellent rewards. I would like to hear from you. I can be contacted via email:
  4. I have vector images of a few hundred vehicles, just depends on exactly which vehicles you are after