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  1. felting a new porsche panamara and using the standard felt for years is not quite thick enough. Anyone know where to get 2" roll of felt?
  2. do you hand cut the edge on the bevel or computer cut with exact measurement to get a straight edge on the sides.
  3. We applied solyx frosted sparkle film to a office with 4 panes of glass with caulk in the middle of each pane. We computer cut each piece and because of the unevenness of the caulk it left different gaps on each pane. Most gaps were 1/16" but a couple we 1/8" to slightly larger. The client is having a fit and wants the gaps closed. What have others done to correct the gap and make it uniform. My thought was to find out what type of caulk / glaze was used to seal the glass and tape the edges and apply a small bead down the gap but not sure what type of caulk/glaze was used or what is standard on they type of glass.
  4. Looking for insight on how to tint rear quarter windows. Does anybody know how the seals come out or leaving them in and still get a clean job.
  5. Checking to see what material / product people are using to wrap door handles and mirror covers in matte black or gloss black. I had a guy wrapping for me but now getting a lot of comebacks because the film is lifting up and can tell where all the heat was applied and streched to fit is now funneling up.
  6. Looking for a experienced window tinter for automotive. We pay the most in the area and have been in business for 30 years. We have 2 locations (different business names) that are close to each other and stay very busy. We control the market in our area for tint. Call to discuss pay and about our area. Close to Washington DC. We do retail tint as well as handle over 12 dealership accounts. We also sell a lot of aftermarket accessories as well as wheels and tires. Very well established business, looking to hire asap. Products we offer: Window Tint PPF Vehicle Graphics / Wraps Call Brian 703.491.9005 wk or 703.328.5080 cell email Brian@qualitytire.com
  7. Window Tint installer for automotive needed asap. We own 2 very busy retail automotive stores located very close to each other. Looking for another window tinter to add to our business. Very busy at both locations with retail and dealership work. We have been in business for over 25 years and have had many tinters over this time. Needs minimum 3 years experience and no drama. Must have drivers license. We are one of the best paying shops around and get good money for good quality work. If you are a good tinter and not making enough money where you are at, you need to call us. To schedule an interview call: or send resume to brian@qualitytire.com Jeff Quality Tire Custom Auto Shoppe 703.491.9005 or Kevin Tint Shoppe 703.491.8300
  8. We own 2 busy retail shops in Northern VA that are located 2 miles from each other. Been in business for 28 years had 3 tinters and a helper and just lost one and need to replace him asap. We pay very well and just purchased a high end plotter, cutter and laminator to do more wraps and graphics. We do auto, commercial, residential and ppf. We service 5 to 7 dealerships in the area. We are very well established and are looking to grow the business even more. Northern VA is not that cheap but 20 minutes south you can get good deals on living. Looking for an experienced tinter only. Quality Tire 2616 Dynasty Loop Woodbridge VA 22192 703 491 9005 ask for Jeff Tint Shoppe 14814 Build America Dr Woodbridge VA 22192 703 491 8300 ask for Kevin