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  1. Rebel Tint Inc. is looking to hire an experienced automotive installer who can work unsupervised, and supervise others as well, when needed. Cullman, AL is a small town, but growing very fast, as it’s located 45 min from Huntsville and Birmingham, AL. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to settle in and create a long term relationship and career. If you’re jumping from shop to shop or just looking for short term employment, please do not apply. I’m the owner, I’ve been an installer for 23 years and I know what it’s like working on commission and flat rate. I TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY INSTALLERS. Possible percentage partnership available down the road for the right person. Some benefits like Aflac and vacation time after 30-90 days. Call (256) 709-7797 to schedule an interview. You will be expected to show what level your skills are at the interview.
  2. My name is John Hatfield. I own Rebel Tint Inc. based out of Tupelo, MS. (Pro Tint of Tupelo & Pro Tint of Cullman) and I’m looking for an installer that can both install and handle basic tasks like interacting with Dealership managers and salesmen, answering the phone, making invoices, without supervision. The position is in Cullman, AL. Pay would be salary plus commission. If you are or know anyone interested, please call me at (662) 871-0847.
  3. Also thanks to all who contributed on this post. I know it’s old, but I got my first today and it still sucked, but this post helped me not break anything!
  4. Looking for a lead installer in Cullman, AL. Flat Glass and PPF experience a plus, but not necessary. Pay is commission + hourly Call (256) 709 -7797 or email resume / references to protintofcullman@gmail.com
  5. The one I bought had a handle. I’ve never used one with a handle and I think it keeps it from going over the curves as well. I went back to my regular green squeege and no issues
  6. And the dips in the hood are a lot deeper than what it looks like in the pic. I’m thinking start in the middle, get the rest of the wrap done, then steam the inserts, but then I have to worry about water running back under the front. Or, I could tack the middle down, work to the sides, dealing with each insert one at a time, then working the whole front afterwards?? all help appreciated. What’s bad is 2-3 years ago I did PPF all day every day. Now I just do it once in a while and you know how that goes.
  7. I took in a full PPF wrap on a $100k Silverado thinking my current software had the patterns, come to find out, they don’t 😡. So I’m having to bulk install the whole thing. I’ve gotten it all done, but saving the worst for last: the hood. It’s got more curves than Selma Hayek 😳. Any ideas. I’ve got a steamer. I’m running close on film, so I’ve got one shot at it. This is the hood. Except it’s black 😩 When he scheduled it, I was so stoked to do a Callaway Silverado, I forgot to ask what color it was 😞🔫
  8. I used the new orange fusion squeegee for the first time on a full vehicle install and got hella bubbles on my first panel. Went back to my green and no bubbles. Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to get these fu*^ers out 😕😩. I mean I went over the panel 3 times, pushed hard. Came back later and there were like 5 small bubbles. It’s a full pickup job. Only issue with the greens is I went through a batch that would scratch the film brand new. That’s why I tried the fusion orange with handle. Idk not saying they’re bad, but it left me in a bad situation.
  9. We are a retail shop, but just through years of quality work and reputation, we Tint all the cars for Hyundai-Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia and now Dodge, which will soon lead to Toyota and Nissan. There’s a full time prep person, so the cars will be broke down, clean, ready for film installed. We have a system and it works and good installers make $800-$1100/ week. Busy, but laid back. Everyone has a job and knows what they’re supposed to do. Let me know if you’re interested. This is year round work.
  10. I didn’t see the video. Can you send it to me? I’ve got to install some next week
  11. Wow. I was looking on these post and mine was so many years ago, but still up top? Do many people not still post on here? Anyway, here’s a snapshot: of the past 6 years: said dealership begged me to come start a shop just for them, I gave in, due to the shop I was at made the glass installer the “window tinter” which failed. My venture with said dealership did very well for 5 years until the manager that started the shop got caught with dirty hands and go de-promoted. New manager eventually shut down everything old manager started. It was a good run for 5+ years. All good things must end when it comes to dealerships 😕 Current day, I’m in with a larger dealership, but not in bed with. Retail shops with a bay is very hard to find in this area. I finally found one, but I need help from you guys. My shop I had for several years. We did Mobile video, leather seats, window tint and Line-X bed liners. So I’ve got a partner that is willing to invest in getting my shop back; emphasizing in car audio (I’ve got a lot of custom audio experience) . It seems great, but it’s like this: I’ve got years of experience, at least 100 calls a week from customers, a great reputation. I don’t have working capital or the money to build a great shop. It would be a slow, as I can do it kind of thing on my own. My “partner” is willing to invest, but has zero business experience, no skills that would really help, which is fine, but what is my current assets worth? Without me, it would take months if not years to acquire the following I have. He has zero business experience and I’m getting calls all day along with FB and google ads. I really want to be a Fosgate dealer, along with Alpine and other big names. I feel like if I’m going to share my business I want to do it right. How much should I expect him to invest to be a 50/50 partner? $25k ? $50k? What do you think? Has anyone been down this road? Thanks guys
  12. I'm not one to bounce from shop to shop, but if that's what works for some, no disrespect.
  13. Guys, you've been great. Thank you so much for your support, suggestions and feedback. This is such a great community. Honestly, I have no clue what I'm going to do. There's only a couple decent shops for rent right now. What's crazy is: that dealership gig ruined a 18 yr marriage, but I was so dedicated to my job (and the money, I won't lie) I stuck with it. Part of me wants to take a job tinting on the coast somewhere, living out of a small cot or trailer and live the rest of my life on the beach. I've done this for so long. I've been so anal and picky and uptight. I guess it's just a crossroad in my life I've got to discern. Thanks for everything guys. I'll let you know what happens next ......
  14. Hey guys! I haven't been on this site for a while, but I used to be very active a few years ago. I owned my own retail shop for about 6 years then a local dealership that owned 3 lots, started begging me to come start an in house shop for them. I was very leery of getting in bed with a car dealership, especially going from charging $200-$500 a car to $75 (they provided everything except tools). Anyway, the thought of having year round, steady work drew me in. So Jan. 1, 2012, I started the shop tinting strictly for them. Things went good, it was a huge adjustment learning all the ways of a dealership, but it grew. We had to pick the cars up and drive them across town because that's where the shop they provided, which sucked, but I did it. I started out with just me and a prep guy doing about 125 cars / month and it grew to 3 other tinters and a prep guy tinting about 250-300 cars a month. I continually bent over backwards for them: every policy change or demand, I met, with a fake smile on my face ?. Then a new Mngr came in and everything went south from there. Because my shop was set up by the old Mngr., it became the ugly step child. First they took away the used cars, then I lost one of the 3 dealerships (bc of politics and egos) and I walked on egg shells for months, but kept doing the best job I could. Well, Wed., the 1st, they came in, changed the locks and told me it had been an "executive decision" that they were going to tint out of the wash bay at the Toyota dealership with an hourly pay tinter. After 4+ years of catoring to them, I've been kicked out of my shop and lost my job; not only my job, but my 3 other employees lost theirs to. Just like that. It's over. I'm not an official "employee", so no severance pkg or anything, lol. So, at the age of 40, recently divorced (wife cheated with a manager at the dealership) I'm having to start from scratch. I don't know where I'm going to go, wether I'm going to open another shop or just try a whole new carrier. This is all I've ever done: Tint, car audio, managing a business, that's it. So any advice would be appreciated as I take the next step down the crossroads I'm currently at. I'm trying to stay positive, so please keep any negativity to yourself. Thanks for reading guys. And if you have a good shop, be thankful for what you have. You never know when it could be all gone.
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