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  1. Xpel training class for sure
  2. Don’t know. If they did it didn’t. Doesn’t matter it’s an excellent product. Not trying to sound mean here
  4. 2005 I almost cut my thumb off taking a sticker off a quarter glass from a Honda Accord. 9 stitches later I’m fine. Got a nickname of “knuckles “
  5. HUPER OPTIC is a real ceramic film
  6. I use slip tape on bulldozer and my hard card. I double layer the tape so it last longer. Currently with all the summer workload the tape last 1 week. I prep the tools with denatured alcohol prior to placing slip tape. Hope this helps
  7. I used to buy from Llumar and found that the tape is the same quality for a big roll
  8. Can you make a Video of removal of Pillars for back window. ? Thank you