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  1. This is why I like this place. LOL. I'm going to tell the guy that I'll do what I can to protect it, but we don't take any responsibility. It looks like mid-year 2017 they added in a cover to protect the amp from water damage. Only way to know is to pull back the quarter panel and see. Might as well stuff towels in there anyways if you are in there.
  2. I will heat it a bit and hit it with a file.
  3. Sorry, haven't been on in a bit. Speed 30, Force 16 with a 25* blade.
  4. I was washing my Ford and saw this. I know there is more, but this reminded me of this thread. I would say if it’s your paint you should offer to pay for re-filming it, but if it’s their work, they would probably do it to make you happy. I can tell you though, there are several paint imperfections on my 2017.
  5. The only down side I can say, some can be dirt, but I see a lot of new vehicles with dirt in the paints also. I've found some on my 2017 F250 while waxing it. I hope it's just dirt, but it it's not, there's nothing I can think of the installer can do.
  6. If your work is good, and your film is good and reliable, you won't have to tint illegally because there will be plenty of people willing to pay a premium for a good job in a good film.
  8. Sometimes if the blade is out too far you will get funny cuts. Also if the cut strip is starting to cut through.
  9. I know those feels. One hour in to a job I asked 4 hours with and they bring it an hour later than their appointment time because the customer was late, "Is it done yet? My customer is waiting."
  10. It can be laid down easy. Swing it by the shop and they can knock it down in a few seconds. Will be even easier since it's dried a bit. Just try not to roll the window down until you do.
  11. I’ve tried, but you need a log in and I never have time to sit down and do that shit. Lol like right now. A couple weeks ago I cut patterns for a Transit van and the whole left side was backwards.
  12. My system kept me from having to hire another a tinter. There are two of us and we get along. Every tinter that comes in does 10 cars a day, perfect, and never misses a day of work. The reality is they cry after 3, all of them come back, and they miss more days than they work. Dealing with tinters gets old, and even as a 1 man show like this week with my help out with pneumonia, it’s been a godsend as I am able to keep up with our appointments being in 2 places at once with the cutter. I’ve been using precision cut pretty consistently since 2010-2011 and I can say it’s pretty rare that something is completely awful with patterns. We’ve adjusted our installs to the patterns though, so maybe that helps versus those who think the patterns should adjust to their style, no matter how ridiculous it is. I’ll leave it at this. If precision cut costs you the equivalent of 1-2 tint jobs a month, the flip side at least for me is that it’s allowed the two of us to do 2-3 more jobs a day with greater consistency, less waste and less frustration. I will never complain about a couple hundred a month if it means an extra $10,000 a month.
  13. Looks like it was someone else off here. I was looking forward to seeing if “never leave my shop” includes some random Hyundai for a soccer mom.