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  1. If 2021 hasn't changed since 2020 there's nothing much to worry about. Pretty basic cars
  2. A video is worth a million words. I like to take things apart to make things clean and easy. I've started compiling videos of me tinting. If you want to watch some you will see how I handle various situations. This is assuming you are talking about tinting cars. https://www.youtube.com/user/sduquette2
  3. I didn't notice if there was any videos in this thread, but I made one today if anyone wants to see how I take them apart. Really only takes about 10 minutes if you know where you are going with it. https://youtu.be/HbuiDg5FeBY
  4. T20. It's basically used on any vehicle with Torx and unfortunately for the last two months sold out at Home Depot without buying a whole new kit.
  5. I've only used those two but primarily Classic Black as my low tier film. I've never had any issue shrinking it. This is a video with shrinking it on a fairly average Mazda 6
  6. I think the hardest part is the production value. It seems a lot of the popular guys have some pro production quality. Unfortunately I don't. I'm not trying to make money really. I think I just feel like leaving a legacy to maybe help someone down the road and I'm not going to lie, I've been on cruise control with my tinting, so making these videos is getting me back in to being interested in what I'm doing every day.
  7. I've had great luck with Express Classic black and Classic Charcoal over the years. I'm pretty sure they will sell to anyone. I might be wrong on that but their ordering website seems pretty open to the public.
  8. Thank you guys. I'm hoping maybe this will help some new people out and maybe even inspire some new blood in to the industry.
  9. This is the channel. Hopefully soon I'll be able to change the URL and then I'll try and advertise it more. https://www.youtube.com/user/sduquette2/
  10. Hey fellas. I've started putting up some tinting YouTube content. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be tinting as I'm in truck driving school now, and I can't find anyone to teach, so I thought I'd put my tips and how I do things out in to the world. I wanted to ask before I posted if it would be alright to share a link? I'm trying to get to 100 subscribers so I can get a URL for the channel.
  11. I've done so many I can get the spoiler off in about 10 minutes. It gets faster. If you do an H pattern set your line low just above the wiper and it will shrink easy.
  12. If you are talking about refraction of light on the defogger lines, I'd say leave it and you will probably get used to it. It's like that on most cars with film, though some more than others due to angle of the glass and thickness of the lines.
  13. Can you take a full picture and a picture of the brand of glass. That looks a lot like when someone tries to scrape a sticker off of the outside of the glass with a razorblade. See it a lot on replacement windows.
  14. Found it. I bet it takes longer to ship than it lasts in the sun. https://www.ebay.com/itm/151381533809 Edited by Roach: I hope you don't mind... took all the cookie tracking off the URL. I'm OCD about that stuff. lol
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