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  1. It's tempered and the bottom is bare edge as the glass vents to the outside. The defogger has rails close to the black band so you have to make your pattern pretty tight on the sides.
  2. The ///Man

    The ///Man

  3. Since you're in CA there is likely some legality in the work you had them do. I imagine if you didn't have all of the prior required paperwork done to make it legal for them to do the work, there could be a reasoning for them not wanting any attachment to the job. Did you provide them with whatever legalities were necessary for your state Government?
  4. The ///Man

    M240 amp!!

    There's a warning in PrecisionCut, came here to see. Thanks for the info.
  5. Looks like creases from shrinking. I'd say go a little slower and watch for light creases because you can lift the film and heat them out so they don't look like that when the film dries.
  6. I installed some a couple weeks ago on a 2019 F350. It's interesting to work with due to the thickness. My take away. I used a lower heat to shrink in than tint, which counters what they told me, but the first attempt I ended up burning a lot of spots. Slow and steady was the key. I used a glove and in some places a hard card with a towel and no scratching, though on the first attempt since it was already going in the trash, I tried some spots and straight hard card will put some scratches on it. It is very clear to look though, and I talked to my friend I did it for and you don't notice it's there. He has lane departure and is a habitual car wash user, so I figured he would be a good tester, not to mention it was his 3rd windshield on a 2019. I'm going to likely start offering it here since we replace a lot of Subaru and KIA windshields that seem prone to cracking.
  7. This is why I like this place. LOL. I'm going to tell the guy that I'll do what I can to protect it, but we don't take any responsibility. It looks like mid-year 2017 they added in a cover to protect the amp from water damage. Only way to know is to pull back the quarter panel and see. Might as well stuff towels in there anyways if you are in there.
  8. I will heat it a bit and hit it with a file.
  9. Sorry, haven't been on in a bit. Speed 30, Force 16 with a 25* blade.
  10. I was washing my Ford and saw this. I know there is more, but this reminded me of this thread. I would say if it’s your paint you should offer to pay for re-filming it, but if it’s their work, they would probably do it to make you happy. I can tell you though, there are several paint imperfections on my 2017.
  11. The only down side I can say, some can be dirt, but I see a lot of new vehicles with dirt in the paints also. I've found some on my 2017 F250 while waxing it. I hope it's just dirt, but it it's not, there's nothing I can think of the installer can do.
  12. If your work is good, and your film is good and reliable, you won't have to tint illegally because there will be plenty of people willing to pay a premium for a good job in a good film.
  14. Sometimes if the blade is out too far you will get funny cuts. Also if the cut strip is starting to cut through.