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  1. I've done so many I can get the spoiler off in about 10 minutes. It gets faster. If you do an H pattern set your line low just above the wiper and it will shrink easy.
  2. If you are talking about refraction of light on the defogger lines, I'd say leave it and you will probably get used to it. It's like that on most cars with film, though some more than others due to angle of the glass and thickness of the lines.
  3. Can you take a full picture and a picture of the brand of glass. That looks a lot like when someone tries to scrape a sticker off of the outside of the glass with a razorblade. See it a lot on replacement windows.
  4. Found it. I bet it takes longer to ship than it lasts in the sun. Edited by Roach: I hope you don't mind... took all the cookie tracking off the URL. I'm OCD about that stuff. lol
  5. I actually some dude in a VW with something like you're asking about. I'm sure it's some Chinese internet garbage from eBay, but it was definitely a film with a gradation at the top.
  6. Trying it out. After using PC4 day in and day out for years, it's a bit of a change up. How are you guys liking it?
  7. That's definitely some type of chemical stain on the glass. Probably from dealer lot washes or car wash. A detailer can probably resolve it.
  8. Your tint gets pushed both down and away from the short side with a gap along the edge. I mean technically if both front and back have plenty of extra, it won't matter if you do what you are doing, but if you are having to make sure it's far enough forward to not have a gap on the front side, chances are the curve won't line up.
  9. Don't shift to center and cut. Try cutting it after you cut the back without moving it.
  10. I cut bottom and front, then move the film forward and down about 1/4", then cut back and top. I guess you could refer to the front as the small side of the window since it's not the front on the back doors. That said, when you install, this compensates for the angle down by pushing the film toward the large side and usually lines up well. The only time you might see a big difference is on windows that take a lot of shrinking. For those you can give a second trim along the top to make up the new shape. Just make sure it's a little longer on the bottom and small side so it fits right when you install it.
  11. I'm pretty sure in 2011 people knew what Ceramic films were.
  12. I have a SnapOn one that's probably 3-4 years old now. I think it's a Steinel, but I don't know for sure. I did find that letting it cool down a maybe 30 seconds has really prolonged the life of most of my heat guns. This SnapOn one though, I've dropped it too many times and it still keep ticking. I've been super surprised.
  13. I'd say Express would be a good place to start. Most of their films are good enough to install with some confidence, but reasonably priced.
  14. Had a customer come by with a 2021 Porsche that the dealer had tinted for her. She wasn't happy with the match to the privacy. She said she was told it was 3M, but whatever it was, it was an ugly yellow color, kind of reflective or hazy looking, and blurry when looking at a low angle. It was strange because it looked like several year old cheap tint, but it was brand new. I'm curious if this was some sort of IR film or something, or maybe the dealer was blowing smoke. Anyone familiar with it? We're going to be removing and putting our brand. It turns out my wife has the same vehicle and she really liked the way it looked.
  15. Tired. My tinter quit March 2019 so I've been doing all of the tinting along with most everything else except the front desk stuff. I'm literally booked in to June with tint and no end in sight. The up side is we've had basically no comeback work since he left though I'm not sure what's more stressful, me meeting my own expectations, or dealing with someone who couldn't. I'm ready to sell and go find a job with a pension. How are things?