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  1. Yeah I'm gonna try to get the end of roll credits then toss it all out. The whole reason I have small amounts of rolls left is from doing jobs that are only a few windows. I'd probably even give the stuff away to someone if they paid for shipping.
  2. I have compiled quite a few partial rolls of flat glass window films from different jobs over the years, and some are just never going to be used again. Do you guys just chuck the rest in the trash? It's all Llumar products so its pretty decent stuff. I just hate wasting good product.
  3. Thanks for the ideas. I did one of this client’s other houses that also have wood frames and it was a struggle keeping the edges clean.
  4. How do people typically deal with this? It’s such a pain keeping the edges of the tint clean since the wood holds so much dirt and crap.
  5. treimche


  6. Customer wants me to attempt to fix their pantry door. It seems like this is etched into the glass. Tried picking at a corner and there's no film to remove. It is all stained and look terrible. Is there a way to remove this type of frost from the glass? My other thought is to just go over it with some frosted film, and if it still looks crappy, then I can add another layer of frosted film on the outside too.
  7. Trying to help a customer out. Need a piece of Gila XCR246 Blazing Red window film 32" x 22". If anyone has some laying around please let me know!!
  8. Trying to help a customer out. Need a piece of Gila XCR246 Blazing Red window film 32" x 22". If anyone has some laying around please let me know!!
  9. Thanks for the info. Seems a bit stupid to have a soft and hard side of a window. I did ditch the scraper on some of them and just scrub away.
  10. Who can explain what's up with commercial windows being scratched to hell? I just installed window film on some brand new car dealership windows and some of them are scratched up on the inside, some on the outside, and some are very deep, really nasty scratches. It looks like someone used an old beat up blade to scrape the outsides of them or something Also, some of the windows are perfectly fine on the inside, but others sound like I'm scraping gravel off the floor. They feel very rough, and the blade ends up scratching them as I'm cleaning. I'm using a 6" Triumph scraper with SS blades. Wondering what's with the windows, maybe just cheap shit windows?
  11. Do you happen to have any pics of your mobile setup you use? The job is done. I ended up just using the floor. It was pretty clean since its a brand new car dealership. Llumar's DR25 is SOOOOOO nice to work with, love that stuff.
  12. I like that idea. Would you use clean blankets or tarps so the film doesn't pick up contamination?
  13. Yeah its Llumar DR 25 CDF. I don't have a film handler so I'll have to get a little creative on how to pull and measure out each piece.
  14. How do some of you go about reverse rolling the film for bigger windows? I'm about to get started on some 5ft by 6ft windows and those get to be a bit large for one person. Would you lay down tarps and pull the film out of the box on the floor? Pre cut at the shop or cut on site? It is at a car dealership showroom so I don't really want to be laying a bunch of window film all over the place. Thanks in advance for the tips.
  15. What is a good UV meter to get? I have a potential large residential job but they claim they paid for windows that have UV protection built in. The company who sold and installed the windows is gone so there is no chance of contacting them. I see there are some cheap meters on Amazon, and all I want is something to use for this one job, so cheap is good. Also something small and easily portable is preferred. I really want to test these windows to see if they truly do block UV. Any suggestions are appreciated.