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  1. that a fact 20 years ago. today 3/100 [3%] or less in northeast and much higher in lower 50 states
  2. New Audi models keep everyone sharp.... thanks for keeping TD Live
  3. I stock every name brand that I can get my hands on, lots of older folks out there. 80 and 90
  4. all true!..love a film with a tough SR.
  5. Template glass is a great investment, only if you look forward to work on plenty. I've noticed that lowering the price and not doing the rear window at all makes these cheapo customers more happy.
  6. if you like a film that's EZ to handle, mounts quick with an amazing SR coat the CS line will impress
  7. No trimming, small dab of Blue Coral headlight polish.... and 3M Perfect it Polish Compound on film surface. This client wanted to replace film. I told him to use towards a new truck. I have a client with 5 month old fully wrapped Hellcat who waxes his white car every weekend, Guess what color that car is going to look like in 16 months
  8. I have a 2017 Raptor lined up ,after reading your concerns, I'll make sure that I install my XPEL pattern with the shop closed and no distractions. Bulking seams unrealistic.
  9. MJ welcome to TD. Real serious car owners tend to check in here for valuable PPF tech info. Your thread brings lots and lots of great info for Tintdude members and Brands that are reading this info. All the films mentioned so far are the predominant PPF brands. I advise my clients based on daily or seasonal car use what films to use. My advise to you is cover the full white car with PPF w/ a Hydro top coat or other Stain resistant tech. Keep in mind that Detailers/wash/PPF installers use Permanent coating as upsells on film installs. Wrap the full car with the CP $$$. and then check with the film brand if adding the CP will effect your film warranty. Let us know how you made out.
  10. Looking for a quality fitted pattern for this bike, any suggestions?
  11. Its easy to forget how much time is spent selling and giving the tech to a first time walk in. Plus add the 20 minutes customer service returning the job, even more if you get into after care of film. This can total to an extra hour in many cases.
  12. I will suggest to all my clients to use products that are specific to PPF. From what I see there is only a limited amount...... I was weary of the old school Yellow carnuba wax that litters every detailers cabinet. I just noticed I have a few rotting away.
  13. Here's a neglected non garage parked, never waxed, machine washed, daily driver 04 BMW X5 with Bra over 5 years old. I did install with Suntek 5 years back after removing the old Ventureshield. Looks like after a polish we will leave it on. I'm a firm believer that 98% of waxes are bad news on PPF in general.