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  1. looks good. i had crystaline 40 on one of my older cars. it performs great
  2. just be happy you dont have a 3" dot section on top like all the old 3 series coupes had. it is kind of random. you can ask them to try and make them look better, but there is always the chance that it will turn out worse the 2nd time
  3. that back window effect happens on all cars with defroster lines. theres a reflection where the tint goes over the defroster lines. its less obvious on some vehicles, that all depends on the thickness of the lines. Lexus, Nissan, infiniti, dodge have the thickest defroster lines; therefore it is more noticeable when tinted
  4. atleast get the fronts swapped out. once u notice the haze u wont get over it
  5. on a nation average i say that my shop is cheap. and we still get calls all the time saying we are expensive. but we stay busy with customers that get a premium film and dont fuss about the price. people always say "how come the other shop is $50 cheaper?" i always reply "i dont know. maybe thats all they can get"
  6. we do it all the time but it has to be done the right way. and we never warranty it the first piece that is applied has to be bigger than the 2nd piece. if the 2nd layer is larger there will be an air bubble line from the overlap. if there is any overlap; after a long amount of time (my experience is 5 years) it will develop fingers. so cut the first layer larger than normal on all sides. on the second layer cut it a tas smaller and leave the tiniest gap at the top edge. we do the same when applying a sunstrip to a tinted windshield
  7. theres a big difference. i recently got a tundra and put a film that blocks 49% heat on the windshield. all my other cars have a film that blocks 43%. that 6% is a world of difference. and i think vlt 40 is too dark for a windshield
  8. yeah id charge 75 for removal if we are retinting it. the only problem is that if you want pinnacle its not like you can go anywhere else to get it. that shop is likely the only one within 30 or more miles id ask the other shop to remove it. like somebody else said, if i was giving a refund id be pulling the tint off as well
  9. The performa line was made specifically for cars. Gstuart you're on the right track
  10. That's not a film I sell. And huper doesn't release their technology. And I personally know the distributor. But the specs make it seem to be a so called nano tech film Maybe dynamic will chime in, or vquest
  11. Johnson insultir, or wincos are 2 other options that are good as well. But when you get in that price range, considering you know more about tint now; you might as well go with the huper/autobahn lines But I like pinnacle, it's the best all around film. Great heat protection, great look, great company, great longevity. And you can't just be any tint shop to carry it. They demand the best, so you are normally safe to know a good shop is installing it.
  12. I'm a tinter, and our expectations are very high when it comes to film. My 100% honest opinion is that you will still see some haze in the pinnacle. You will see it in all of the high end films. They are plagued with it. It is nowhere near as bad as the film you have on it now though. Thats why my original suggestion was for you to go to the same shop and just get the fronts swapped put for a regular film. They don't have haze. But now that you want the whole car redone I think you have these options that will be to your benefit: Pinnacle Autobahn ceramic Autobahn performa
  13. Oh and 15/30 is by far our most popular pinnacle combination