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  1. never has been...:) ...red flag when you can buy it at Autozone...
  2. The right size, width, thickness and weight of a dowel rod will work wonders...closet pole, weighted PVC pipe, metal tubing, etc....in a pinch you can use a broomstick...
  3. and that stuff smelled horrible too...We outsourced our flow on tint for rear windows to another shop (Honolulu 1985) and I had to drive it back to our shop for the customer: very old Porsche, NO A/C ! every stop light i opened the door so I wouldn't pass out from the smell... fun times...
  4. John, I'm in the area until Monday early afternoon and would like to meet and talk. I left a message on your voicemail. James zajolek@gmail.com 208 615 1712