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  1. Side windows mostly on that. Or hood fenderirrior but not many bumpers.
  2. 40's only here. If I need a 24" piece I just pull a little extra and have a sunstrip for the next customer. It all works out and is easier for me to stock 20 40" rolls instead of 30 or 40 of all sizes. 40" here
  3. I've used it. I enjoyed installing it. I will be stocking small amounts starting next week. No longevity reviews yet as it is fairly new. Technology seems solid though. I think it's gonna boil down to the adhesive IMO
  4. shwusyrtnts

    40" Jaguar Plotter

    I went with a new graphtec. Sorry no advice on the jaguar
  5. From your choices I would rank like this Xpel Premium Shield Suntek
  6. Yeah Jeff Philips is absolutely killer at his job. He helped me tons in Indiana when I was there. I just had an email last week and didn't have any referrals for out there. I need your info clear bra indy 2.0 When I was in Indiana the software was more affordable too. And again you are correct the patterns are the bomb! It's a shame I can't get that support here in CO I do 1000% more clear bra in CO.
  7. I like it so far. Time will tell though like all films
  8. Wait I think I have some of this. I'll check. Please feel free to pm me if I don't get back to you within 3 hours of this post.
  9. Damn and I'm called a dick because I bought 2 rolls of film gave it away to my dealers and ran ads for xpel, only to be ignored and told to piss off. That being said you are being absurd. Do you think that rep is dedicated to you or something? You haven't even bought anything! I hope you don't get booked out to far because I would hope your customers treat you the same way. "Pfft he don't want to get my car done for a few days, they must not want my business". Come on be reasonable man.
  10. I just bought an fc8600 54". I have owned several different cutters and knew to save my money. Well it was a long wait and a lot of money but I am happy with my purchase and my last 2 graptechs lasted 10 years and got outdated but still ran fine. As far as software....with the exception of xpels ppf patterns, I have not found a system that I like. I am a hand cut guy and that's not how the computer patterns look for tint imo.
  11. 2 guys here in town use Aegis for auto. ADS and ADN I think. It is optically clear and the adhesive seems good but it's always purple. I worked for the one shop for 7 months and that was the owners turns purple. I don't have pics but get in redos consistently and will try to post pics next time. Now on a side note I will be slinging some aegis flat glass actually in about 2 days. I have seen that film here in town and it seems real solid. Even in the southern Colorado sun and dry summer heat.
  12. Are you referring to Xpels C.S.? It does not exist beyond Jeff in mine and my wife's experience.
  13. Those are awesome. I ask about those everytime I call or go in to interwest. Me needs one of those.
  14. I just didn't care for galaxy. I would agree with the dude a few post up. Scratch coat and adhesive where not to my liking.