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  1. The panes are 78" x 105". We put a vertical seam at 72" + 6".
  2. What is the point? Are you going to take it off after summer and store it some place? Good luck with that. Are you going to take it off a put it somewhere else? Does that other place have the same size windows? We take that crap off all the time. The clarity is terrible, the heat and UV rejections are sub-standard, so where is the savings? Money spent on re-usable window film is money thrown away. Get good film done right and you will never regret the expense.
  3. It sounds like you don't know how to tint or run a business. Maybe take some business courses at the local college and get a part time gig in a shop to learn the trade first. Like learning to swim before jumping off the boat.
  4. You'd rather precisely hand cut 4 overlap seams 2 directions than 1 vertical seam?
  5. It was a royal pain! Over 15 years ago. 78"x 105" with a 10% vlt so the seams were a b*tch. Now seams have split. Salt deposits frosted the edges. Needs to be replaced. FYI: SunTek SYLR-10, color still looks good and 60% of the job is still good.. Only direct ocean exposure went south.
  6. Looking for sun control for large panes 80" wide.
  7. Other than manual peeling. I don't want to start trial and error with the chem set. Hoping to find someone here that has dealt with it.
  8. What is wrong with cutting out of the box? I use a standard Olfa blade for 2 mil and a 4" scraper blade for 6 mil+. Width plus 1". I rarely attempt to cut the width perfectly as truly square window frames are uncommon. Also widths can vary from window to window by 1/4 to 1/8. Once you know how to cut corners properly, edge cutting is easy.
  9. Has anyone had the opportunity to remove this abysmal product? It has turned yellow but the glue bond to the frame is stronger than the tensile strength of the tape making it nearly impossible to remove. Thanks in advance.