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  1. Today I did my 3rd one today and i can have the spoiler off in less than 10 minutes now next one i can probly shave off another minute
  2. Or a beach towel across the dash always works
  3. This is the most simple truck to tint door panels pop back gaskets come right out
  4. I would 2 tone it with some matt black down the center
  5. The legal limit is 70% in New York so he could of had 35% which is legal in Texas so who's to say without knowing what was on his truck but it was illegal reguardless
  6. I've never seal the edges except on a boat and I have a tape i use for that and I don't remember what it's called and it's not a matt finish
  7. I've always had problems with seam sealer just did an F-250 roof though it was perfect till the next day try post heating to 180 degrees and I just got a Tahoe same body style be wrapping it soon we will see what happens with it
  8. I say go for it but let the vinyl set up for a couple days and stick those pieces right on the first try
  9. autoimage

    2015 F-150

    So simple a beginer can do it no need to pull gaskets easy easy easy