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  1. Fiveofeen


  2. The last few years have been fun, I'm still involved in real estate and about to take that little trailer to Burning Man I really enjoyed tinting the windows on it, like riding a bike.
  3. Hanita Tek Titan 20 Exterior. Gotta have them dark tint papers on your personal whips
  4. Welcome back stranger. .. I like it when the curtain is pulled back and people get the real story. My NDA expired a year ago, I do what I want!
  5. Solargard's UltraGard auto film and 2mil Armorcoat are the same exact film, they branded that product as there were no legal films to sell in California for the front windows of cars. If you're looking to stop fading, don't just think about UV.. visible light causes a lot of damage. The whole skin cancer foundation thing is marketing hype. Source: I'm a former SolarGard employee