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  1. Actually. He is married with two kids. His children are just as fanatics with cars as he is. Cool kids! This guy is sober as the sunrise. No alcohol. No marijuana. No caffeine. Just like me
  2. It's his garage. About a quarter mile from the main house. Pretty cool.
  3. I love this guy. Between him and his buddies. His wife and his family. I do maybe 10-12 cars a year for them.
  4. Was really hoping for the best on this one. Customers garage was A+ 25 degrees this morning. Could have been worse without a heated garage. This car was no joke. Happy Tinting
  5. Better bring your A game on this one. Slackers beware
  6. Use all the film. Do not cut short or to fit. Heat where the shrink is not. It will conform. Then make the cut. Trust me.
  7. Heat where the stretch is not...that's the key..just like vinyl. This is an eazy backglass. Iv done 4-5..no issues
  8. I got these stupid sons of bitches beat. First window ever tinted. I never knew there was a liner. So there's that
  9. Wrong tools wrong mixture..how could a customer go wrong? Sleazy money
  10. Nice job! Yep. Definitely got to know what you're doing to get these down in one!
  11. Okay here's a cool Chevy. First convertible I'v seen. Love the color combo