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  1. Ever thought about lowering the headlights? It's really eazy. Keep the brightness however it's not irritating you or the person in front of you. Something to think about
  2. Squeegee residue.. Trust me? Use a little cosmoline or wax and grease remover wipe it right off
  3. Maybe try some 0000 steel wool on the outside of the glass. Wet for sure. Looks to me like some smart person may have washed your vehicle and let some sort of soap or chemical dry to fast. That would be my guess..what do I know
  4. I'm doing the mail in vaccine. They mail it to me I vaccinate myself. I then mail them back that I am vaccinated. Works with mail-in voting right? Trust me
  5. Well let me tell you a thing or two or three. And then I'll teach you the 4th and 5th. Then maybe I'll give you a degree. If you can't tint easy windows in 10 to 12 minutes. Give it time and work on your performance. I did not do the Grille slats. However I did do the headlights. This is total butter compared to a black Mercedes-Benz AMG. Did them for 20 years. Slackers Beware!
  6. Full window tint. 24 inch Hood fenders full front end. 3 hours
  7. Nothing. Thank the tint gods!
  8. No..I did. I am my own worst critic! Turned out super sweet
  9. Yes sir. Done in 20% and I wasn't super sure about the condition of the vehicle. Especially the back glass you never know. Urethane or anything. However everything went really smooth. Customer was super happy! I'm just happy my skills are in check with the vent windows. Everything came back to me. LOL
  10. What kind of AD are you running? Something for the employees of the month? Or for your business
  11. What kind of AD are you running?
  12. 500 for this job. Cash money
  13. I must say. Back in the day I used to pop the pin and remove the hardware. It was so clean. I didn't have to do it.