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  1. Nice tip. I hate removals as well. Can't stand vinyl
  2. I feel bad for you. Have you tried taking it back to the shop that did the installation? Have you got a second opinion? What type of vehicle is it? Can you post some pictures
  3. That's funny. You must come across a lot of experienced installers
  4. Take it back. Have it redone
  5. Does well. He already took a hit. Saved the shield!
  6. Have him redo it with autobraun tint and forget about it..
  7. Take it eazy on yourself Andy. Post some pictures..maybe I can help explain things for you
  8. 2021 Jeep 392. First one in Colorado Tint, PPF and Clear Plex on the shield. Custom grafix to come soon!
  9. My daughter was sick this weekend. She got tested negative. I was feeling like dog poop all week. I went and got a test today. I think it's just allergies.
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