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  1. I have fun with Facebook groups. I join. Talk a little trash tell everybody they're no good. Get kicked out or leave. Then I do it all again 3 to 6 months later.
  2. I change up my PPF slip with the different temperatures throughout the year.
  3. yeah still at it. Has been a long time. I have a few more years in me. I'm thinking of getting into the automotive finance end of things here in a few years...maybe sooner.
  4. Common rookie problem. Always always double and triple check your work. With PPF edge's need to be gone over and sealed. The picture shown is absolutely installer error. Always check your edges and make sure they are sealed. And an installer does not need an air compressor to make this work.
  5. I like to introduce myself to the customer. They introduce themselves. I then address them by their name. They then address me by my name. Seems to work out pretty well for me
  6. I use the right amount of heat and pull at the right angle as to not leave to much glue behind.
  7. I use a 25ft extension cord most of the time. I also carry a 100ft extension cord just in case. So that gives me 125ft to work with if need be. I'v had to use the 100 footer maybe three times. I also have a torch, works great if I dont feel like messing around with the cord.
  8. yeah I must say I'm pretty tired of hearing the word "totality"