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  1. Busy shop in Philadelphia PA is looking for a full-time or part-time tinter. Pay is experienced based. Please contact J and J Automotive on Facebook, Instagram or by phone at 267-324-8857
  2. So only taking interior pieces apart and spoilers? No exterior pieces except the spoiler?
  3. This is old but figured I'd offer some advice. Elmers will come off pretty easy with just water and a good scrubbing
  4. I notice your pic only has the spoiler revoved, but the next poster has an exterior panel removed. Are there Different variations, or were you just able to remove the spoiler taking less apart?
  5. For future reference Try to close out your web browser and reopen it, and open a web page. If you happen to lose an internet connection, it will tell you you are unlicensed.
  6. Sorry TW just getting back to this now. I was running on the cloud version at the time. I ended up having a issue with the software itself. Had to remove and reinstall to fix the issue.
  7. Those of you asking for all shops to keep prices around the same, are talking about price fixing and that's illegal! For those who insist because another shop is cheaper. That they must be poor quality and using inferior film, clearly have little grasp on business! Over the years, Ive read this argument more times than I can count, and I hear the same thing over and over. The guys who want to do less work for more money complain about the guys who would rather do more work for less money. I've read the "they must not like profit" comments over and over. Yet those guys ignored the guy charging $125 per car maybe knocking out cars in 30 mins with a few guys, and making more profit than the $250 a car every two hours guy. His rent could also be cheaper, his film costs lower for same brand because of greater buying power. Stop worrying about what the other shops are doing and focus on what your business is doing!
  8. Our General rule is pretty basic. If we think we can get it better redoing it we will. If it's a speck here and there we leave it be. We are not afraid to lose a customer who has unrealistic hopes. The other day we had a guy come back and point out one speck of dust in each window and wanted us to redo his entire car. To assume or pretend that if we redo it we will be able to give him a flawless job, would be totally nonsensical! If some other shop decides to try and give him the "perfect tint job" and rip off window after window in search of it. They can have him as a customer and end up losing money every time he comes back with his unrealistic demands.
  9. Has anyone recently had an issue of not being able to download the new patterns? I can see there are new patterns available, but I'm not getting the pop up to download new patterns. Anyone else have this issue and have a fix for it?
  10. Busy shop In Philadelphia pa is now hiring a exp window tinter. Give us a call at 267-324-8857
  11. J and J Automotive is hiring for another tinter. Very busy shop. Great pay and fun work environment. Give us a call at 267-324-8857 and tell us why we should hire you
  12. We are looking to ad another tinter to our team. Good pay, fun team to work with. Must be experienced and have all your own tools! Give us a call at 267-324-8857 and check us out on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/JandJautomotivephiladelphia/
  13. I have been dealing with paul for about 17 years now, and can say I have not found a better distributor in all those years than him! Truth be told most of the major manufacturers all have the same quality levels. Minus 3m of course! So with that said it all boilld down to who is handling your orders, and you're already dealing with the bet guy you can find for that! As far as the films he carries, he does offer every quality level you may want. However in this business it's never a good idea to go with your cheapest option as you're only going to save $5 a car but end up redoing many windows and full cars. I've never used his graphite line but I do use one of his other lines from a major name in this business. My suggestion would be to call paul on monday and let him know your concerns and your wants from your film. He will offer you the right film for your needs, and not just a film he is trying to push more of. he isn't your typical dealer pushing the lines and brands that benefit them and have no clue on what they are selling. Paul will regularly speak with us installers to get feed back as well as get tricks that he can give to others to help them get the job done right yet easier! All without the bullshit most other distributors feed you to sell a roll of Film