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  1. For those who pull seals, these are very similar to the new silverado/sierra door panels that should be removed and take all of 3 minutes or less to pull the panel and accompanying seal. Tools 7mm or 9/32 docket, driver, T-27 and pick. 1) Remove the cover in the pull. 2) remove 2 T-27 torn screws at bottom of panel 3) remove 2 7mm bolts in door pull 4) grasp upper rear corner of door panel and gently pull to reveal seal 5) pull seal. Installation is reverse of install
  2. Pretty dang close. It's not going to be perfect as we all know, but pretty close. The factory rear glass has more of a bluish hue to it, whereas QDP tends to be more brown. QDPC is going to be too dark and greenish in comparison. Also keep in mind: The factory front windows can be laminated or tempered. Depending on which one it is will affect how the QDP will look.
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