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    Learnt tinting at Texas tinting school 2000.started tinting my own car & co-workers since then.
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    Driving. Nature parks. Beaches. Ovation drink now.
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  1. Does 48” actually fit the rear ? Always use a 60” but the actual glass is about 42”. Planning to order the 48”
  2. Needs lot of work. No feeding out the film. Rear glass doesn’t have options solid or cut out third brake light. No cutting on the pull. Once you blade is too close to the pinch roller. It kinda rip up the film. one more thing doesn’t make sense is a blade should never drop on the top edge of any roll up. System is slow. too many trims to choose on the model. Etc
  3. Or truth. I had 2 of them all died. $300 each
  4. I find global feels like really like plastic.
  5. I use Avery ceramic. But somehow one of the supplier here stopped carry window film. So I m kinda struggling looking for a decent one. Any suggestions is appreciated.
  6. I used it too. Very helpful. But. Be careful. Once the protection film comes off. It could scratch windows. I did on a civic. Had to replace one of the front driver s. Now I stopped
  7. I tinted a 05 accord. Well, 16 yrs old removed front panels. Both latch cable plastic broke. $240 cad I shouldn’t have. Rear original tint was bad anyway. But trying to do quality work ended up broke my own pocket. Was it worth it ?
  8. pitu

    2017 s 63 coupe

    Any one tinted this 17 S 63 coupe? any good trick to handle the side quarters roll up windows ?the rear bottom goes so deep down too
  9. I am using Gcc 72”. Not bad. Doesn’t cost legs and arms. But if you can afford. Roland
  10. I m leaving tinttek soon in 15 days. Top edge mostly s horrible especially. I tinted the Parasade the other day. It was 1-1/2 “ short at the bottom. Email them and never got a reply when you report a problem. It s a not complain It s helping the company to improve.
  11. Could be your pc cuter frozen. Restart pc
  12. Most important thing is good patterns. . ESP top edge. I canceled. Precision cut is way better I tried for 1 month. I ll go for it.
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