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    Learnt tinting at Texas tinting school 2000.started tinting my own car & co-workers since then.
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    Driving. Nature parks. Beaches. Ovation drink now.
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  1. Tinttek always cutting the patterns short. Last month I did the Hyundai palisade. Back side is like 1-1/2 “ short at the bottom. Unbelievable. It s on my third month. Email them. Never reply regarding the issue.
  2. pitu

    2008 c300

    All c classes are easy car. I either pull door panels or bottom loading. Just 2 screws
  3. Most E And S class are the troubles
  4. pitu


  5. Plotter never cut this one right. Leaving a huge gap on the top back.
  6. Hate tinting a boat,canopy. Dump truck. I even got called tinting bike helmet, party goggle. No no no. Rather use the time to do what it s worth.
  7. I took the film off. The water lines stain still show.
  8. I removed the tint off the rear door window which has factory tint and also the front passenger side. And the window windows have those water stain lines. I called ask one my glass guy. He said it water stain. I was pretty sure it s the glass. Not the tint. Here some of the pics
  9. Tinted a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 wks ago. Forgot which year probably 2013-2015. Customer came back and showed me his door windows and and rear side on trunk. They all look like snake water spot line. First time I ve seen it. Any ideas? Rear hatch is ok. I doubt it s a glass defect. On the rear side trunk where tint only go to the matrix line. But those water spot line runs all the way outside the matrix line too. So I m gonna remove one window s film and re-do just one see what happens by next wk.
  10. be careful not to use too much water on quarter glass.Light on Dash will appear.it happened to me once.but couple days later Light disappear.from that time on .I only spray water on my scrap pad ,clean and squeeze off.works fine for me.
  11. blade only on cars 4-5 years old .i stop using blade on newer cars.i think speed up the work abit.
  12. When I first reverse. Tend to get dirt and creased. Now I manage it well. It is the the best way to go. The only one I don’t reverse is tinting on a hatchback.
  13. I always do. I prevent fingers instead waiting for it to happen