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  1. Replied to your PM, had it happen twice in last 5 years, im in UK - so not sure if different glass supplier / factory its normally where customer removes dealer sticker / decal lifts the element or breaks a line i always inspect before hand now, if no decal make sure lines are good,
  2. most essential TOOL whats attached in my Pants, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ lol you asked the question //////////////////////////// as for tint Industry TOOL - has to be my Turbo and MUST have conquerer !!
  3. Sorry I lost my temper, there are better ways to take insults and respond to trolling and I was not setting a good example. You the MAN TD, nothing to apoliogise for Your the Boss ! without your great site i and many others wouldnt be doing what WE do WELL ! cheers RICK
  4. Heat shrinking and pattern cutting, are what i would call the BASICS, This you can look up online, Get the idea you tube etc, its film Handling and prep Cleaning and Offering Tint to glass - final Squeegee that counfs on Good Install and many So called Pros Fail on Agree with above, i can always see the flaws on allot of tinted cars. always a spec or 2, someties total crap, Some AUDI BMW customers come back and always eyes up to the tint looking for issues 90% of customers stand back without looking to hard at any inperfections, No such thing as perfection, but i do strive !
  5. your charging before your competant, your still practicing, when i was at your stage was doing work for the cost of the film. or free, for the experience, you put yourself in this position, and the BMW owner must have realised for 100 euros what the end result would be, wonder if he buys cheap oil and has back street servicing, also because of costs. and to be honest wouldnt have looked professional, if you cant complete a car well in less than 1.5- 2 hours dont charge, hate to say it ROOKIE, learn all the skills, practice, get good clean installs , less than 2 hrs, and your good to go, constructive critiscm from a 14 year ++ installer,
  6. LMAO this Thread so OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!! like the Product Spray on Tint LOL... Paperz all the way
  7. Sungard Films, Ireland, sells by the metre, x 60" i tried, and didnt like ,,, Bit Too much Bling for TINT
  8. The Chamaleon Film i tried earlier this year is a hideous Yellow from a certain angle looking out, Remember BLU Blockers Shades on the Sell a Vision Comercials in the 80`s those stupid orange sunglasses, ? Yea like looking out thro them and outside Reflective Blue looking head on, Yet from a angle sort of looks Clear, VLT seems to be as stated, But to look at Mr PO PO is going to be tuggin your ass every Street he see`s you, Regardless of VLT, as head on looks to dark, In UK Deffinately a MR Police officer Pull me over, My windshield is Tinted, Get your meter out,,,, and try and Fine me,,,, Use for sunstrips nothing more, Personally, This Tint Shouts a little to loud for full TINT in my opinion, film shrinks ok, Obviously Thicker as multilayered, Dont like the Yellow that you need to see through, but agree VLT is accurate, UNDECIDED on this T,B,H Also the price of a 60" Full roll is Insane, Think going to go down well State side for the MTV rap Vids, maybe the wannabee Pushers and Dealers, Pimps etc and all that SHIAT other than that MEH Not the Armani of the Tint world, more like the Walmart end, but Hey,,, what ever floats your Boat Think i done A reveiw here LOL,,,, but genuinely used and tried and my opionion, maybe others love it, but for me , NO
  9. Dont use a Torch unless you practiced shrinking with a Torch on a BG of a old Shi%tter Allot. its faster yes, but flame to long on a finger and you trashed the FILM, Never worth the film waste, and time isnt that important, end result same,,,, so stay safe and save your film waste,,,
  10. Customer Returning to pay The Dollar, My biggest PEEVE ! I kid you not, I have a huge Joke Prop Magnifying Glass, as soon as i see eye customer return and do the Eye FUc*k, i bring out the Prop, for the ultimate Discomfort, I say you need a better Look ? Here use this, Wham back at you ! makes them Squirm with embaressment, I then Point out the Small Lil Scratches or nicks they have on the Glass, OR Paint inperfections that it arrived with ,,,,,, whats with people,,,, DRY TIME !!! and Lets look throught the tint, not through a Microscope !
  11. NO LOYALTY !! Dealerships. so dont get too comfy , take the Dollars and be thankfull u earn a wage, its all about Working relationship and how low you will go dealers, till the wind changes, and Bye bye,