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    micro-edge got a reaction from tintdude in Who else uses Newspaper to detail windows   
    I seen a glass guy doing it awhile back but ive never tried it
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    micro-edge reacted to redbud in Ooooh this comm job is a pain..... Pics...   
    Film adhesive is designed to stick to glass not film. I have installed film on film like many others probably have. i however would not do that in this case for 2 reasons.
    1. you do not know the quality or age of the film installed and how long it will last potentially giving your business a bad name.
    2. I would not like to climb back up and remove both layers and reinstall a year later for free.
    Do it right the first time. My town is small. If i do 1 crap job i am finished.
    One other thing do it safe and live to tint another day.
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    micro-edge reacted to bman848 in 2013 avenger door panels   
    Thats pretty good time for sure. That one took me 2.5 hours. I'm sure I could do another in 2 hrs or so now that I know what a high maintenance whore she really is...
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    micro-edge got a reaction from hawkeyesaob in good old crusty Chevy   
    Isn't that uncle Si's grey ghost, i thought they blew it up
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    micro-edge got a reaction from yz101 in The fishin' hole   
    Took my buddy to my secret hole and he caught his first ever striper twice, he was happy lol
    I caught a nice grouper the other day too, still kinda slow offshore
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    micro-edge reacted to Mr paladin in Appointment   
    (A fixed mutual agreement for a meeting) (a meeting set for a specific time or place) NO you can not have an appointment you had one 2 weeks ago and you did not bother to show up or cancel, we had an mutual agreement and you did not keep you end of the deal.

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    micro-edge got a reaction from JJAWS in Film Slitter F102-72 anyone used this machine?   
    Looks like a filmhandler knockoff, at that price just well get a filmhandler.
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    micro-edge reacted to tint_detective in 1948 Chevy cab corners....   
    Those things are a P.I.T.A.
    You can do eet mang!!!
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    micro-edge got a reaction from JJAWS in 3m presitge 70   
    the 3m name sales and they know it!
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    micro-edge got a reaction from tint_detective in This is why we are called the best walleye/pickerel place to fish   
    heres a 14lb rock I caught last month in freshwater pond
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    micro-edge reacted to TintWizard in This is why we are called the best walleye/pickerel place to fish   
    Dayum ! Another Hawg :

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    micro-edge reacted to coast2coasttinting in Anyone with plans to get out of tinting?   
    I would have to respectfully disagree with you on that PJ. I know plenty of guys well into their sixties that are still slinging film.
    You should try out roofing for about a week. Then you would be glad to come back to your bay and tint some windows.
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    micro-edge reacted to vquestfilms.com in Single pane commercial but with auto tint   
    Glass breakage and lack of warranty aside... the thing about using auto films on commercial buildings is that many automotive films (I'm not infering EWF 2-ply HP films will) will fade or turn purple which creates a very visible issue for our industry. A lot of these films only come in max 60" widths so on 72" windows you see alot of seams.
    I spoke with a buildiong engineer who went this route and now he is the proud (or more accuratly, not-so-proud) manager of a purple high rise. He hates window film now, will not recommend it, in fact he warns his contacts against using it on thier properties. The film not only experienced color failure, it never performed to the level that was actually needed which meant that there was little to no energy savings.
    What we end up doing is creating a bad repuatition for window film when we make the choice to install film that is not ideal or even designed for the intendended application. Let's not do that. Glad to hear that the OP is going to take the 'safe route'.
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    micro-edge got a reaction from tint_detective in Snow snow snow   
    Make some money with that rig
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    micro-edge reacted to Iron Duck Designs in 44tools now selling TintSlime!   
    super excited to add these guys to our distributor list. Adding them to our website, there will be a link to their website. Great company, check them out! I know some of you guys in Canada and Austrailia already buy from 44tools so hopefully you can feed your Slime addiction downunder and in the great cold north
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    micro-edge reacted to HaX420 in Aprons from Shady   
    I'd love to sell you one of mines but nah... You snooze you looze...
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    micro-edge reacted to tint_detective in Aprons from Shady   
    Thanks All...... I am OFFICIALLY OUT until further notice.
    Sold the last remaining apron today....
    Thanks to everyone that ordered, sorry for the ones that were late. Next time I will use a more reliable shipping method...
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    micro-edge got a reaction from tint_detective in Shady's Apron   
    So I got Alan (Shady Sherlock) to make me another apron and I'll tell you they are kick ass. Just an FYI for anyone that doesn't have one you should hit him up and buy one cause he said he probably won't be making anymore for awhile after this month..They are well worth the money, I've had my first one for 3 years and I don't think it will ever wear out, just got another one just because
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    micro-edge got a reaction from SunTinter in Contamination problems   
    If you have fingers popping up they will suck trash in them. Are you pulling the seals or door panel?
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    micro-edge got a reaction from tint_detective in Real Man's tinting pouch   
    Fock that big ass pouch I've had shady's for a 2-3 years now i guess and it don't get any better than that! I won't tint anything without it..
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    micro-edge reacted in Auto Tint customers....HMMM   
    solid advise ... and never give deals , they always turn and bite ya in the ass ...
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    micro-edge reacted to TintWizard in My workplace today   
    Working the fish with dad
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    micro-edge reacted in A question I pose   
    My reaction to your customer if he complained to me would be below.

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    micro-edge got a reaction from tintdude in Chrysler 200   
    So I did one of these yesterday morning and it sucked donkey balls (maybe cause I was hungover ). Backglass was easy, you can pull down on the brakelight and pop it out enough to push the water out if you want to cover the light. my problem was the pita front rolldowns, omg! huge side seals will crease the out of the film if you are one that tints the top half then the bottom half after rolling up..I pulled the side seal on the drivers side like I do on impalas and I would really not recommend this, took me 30-45 minutes to get the damn thing back in right.. Best way I found to do the front windows is pull the top panel back and pull the bottom seal, leave the side seals in. pull the whole liner and drop the whole piece in at once to prevent creasing the sides, after putting the bottom seal back in I had to use a hook tool to pull the panel back into place on the seal. Other then the front windows it's not that bad to tint but I was getting yesterday
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    micro-edge got a reaction from yz101 in The fishin' hole   
    Caught some flatties offshore over the weekend!