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  1. That’s how I tint all roll ups….what?!
  2. I’m not surprised buddy…he’s got you for an old man. 😉
  3. Not even close I don’t think. I’d love to be way out in the woods, living off grid, never seeing anyone. But alas….
  4. Hey Ric! Good to see you too! Been a while sadly. Life’s been nuts. How have you and your family been? Getting all growed up no doubt. I’d love to see some pics! Life’s been crazy for us the last several years, but I guess it’s been nuts for everybody the last 18 months or so. Too many details to go into here…but life goes on. We have our health and business is doing well. Hope you and yours are healthy and happy, brother.
  5. I just realized how old the post was I just quoted.
  6. Hey Brother! LTNS! I got my second shot of Pfizer on Tuesday. Same sore shoulder for the second shot the next day and maybe a bit “off” but TBH…I couldn’t say if it was the shot or old age. On the other hand, my wife got her second shot yesterday…first shot Pfizer and went with Moderna for the second…she is sick as a dog today! I feel so bad for her…she’s in bad shape.
  7. Hey guys, it’s been a minute! How is everybody? Ladies and gents, what I am looking for is pics of your vehicle signage. I used to be big into vehicle graphics, but have been out for almost 10 yrs since I quit it…and man am I rusty! I just got a new truck and am wanting to get some inspiration! I do automotive and flat glass and am getting started in PPF if it makes any difference, but TBH…I just want some ideas. I will post up pics when I finally settle on something. Can you guys please help a brother out?
  8. Dang! Looks like some things have changed around here! When I went to check this thread, I thought for sure I would have seen a few hotshots with like 6 mos experience saying that they would have done it with zero gaps and zero dust! Nice to see some realist replies! Way to go guys!
  9. it's been interesting. But personally pretty good. Business is doing record numbers, daughter bought a house and got married a couple of months ago and summer is on the way!
  10. how goes the battle buddy? Strange year....
  11. Not dead....I just smell that way....
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