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  1. Kind of like a Ford Taurus but the back tray is smashed on the glass for the bottom !/2 inch. Beware- cut perfect or remove the rear dash. (Not too many of these out there luckily.)
  2. jlmontec

    2010 Jaguar XJ

    These cars are luckily few and far between. 3 steps that can minimize your stress level: Cut a perfectly sized pattern. Soap heavily. Whale Tail combo w/Bulldozer until smooth. Not easy but not as hard as it sounds. Good luck everbody~ :bottle
  3. jlmontec

    Aston Martin

    Ok- The 2012 Virage (DB9 variant?) is a difficult but doable back window with the Bulldozer- Not fun and a little time consuming. Swing the 'Dozer through at an angle with the corner just sweeping the matrix. Try to do your best contortionist impression in the 'backseat'.
  4. Has anyone had trouble on the roll-ups with the lower seal catching the film on the bottom edge? I guess third times a charm...