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  1. We are hiring window tint or paint protection installer to run the store. Please send in resume to diamondwindowtinting@gmail.com. POE. Pay will be salary, hourly or commission. Tuesday thru Saturday 9am-6pm.
  2. Use double 00 steel wool and scrub the defrost line much as possible and shrink the film slowly and not to over heat the film.
  3. That looks like streak marks on the outside of the glass. We see that on lot of used cars. It's water streak that got stained on to the glass over time.
  4. We only do retail auto window tinting and ppf and located in Tukwila, WA. Our shop is growing and need a window tinter. We are willing to train the right person. PPF knowledge is plus. Please send resume or call us at 206-403-1366. www.diamondautowindowtinting.com
  5. You have to pop the panel to lift up from the seal.
  6. After removing the screws the panel pops off with some force and yes the seal comes out. That is the reason why we remove all the seals on the Tesla.
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