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  1. Big Owl

    Big Owl

  2. Free shipping for all NZ orders next week if the Wallabies win back the Bledisloe Cup tonight. 😎
  3. Wow! 5 years since the last post, you have really searched for this one.😉 Don't entirely agree with you, but I will wait until 2024 to say more...
  4. I agree Mike I actually enjoyed reading Fat's old posts, not for what they said - but for what they didn't say! Reading between the lines was fun.... come back Fat - I miss you too!
  5. "One in the same" . Didn't know it was a secret??? ................
  6. “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” ― Albert Einstein
  7. C'mon "K Dogg" - I know you want to jump in and give us your opinion on this topic.
  8. Johnson's also have a metallised blue in 50% & 35%. They used to be part of their Flash automotive range but I think you can still find them in their architectural line up.
  9. Yes Australia is waay south .... Hey Booms Let me clarify for the non-aussies - it was just a little interstate rivalry banter
  10. That's because you are south of the border.The current exchange rate of the "peso" is not favourable.
  11. "Maybe this is a global strategy for Eastmans." Bingo!
  12. Actually, I think in time they will become very happy about it... For years D3 (AKA Sunscreen) have been wholesaling 3M graphic films way below their list prices. This has caused much tension between all the parties. No doubt prices will return to the upper level with the new ownership...
  13. Just chiming in to say a big "thank you" to you Smartie. I have always enjoyed reading your informative posts. Your former employer will have a hard time trying to fill your 2 shoes I hope you stay around here on Tintdude and all the best for the future....