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  1. bee-man


  2. Just presenting another option for mobile... Anyone got one of these?
  3. Thanks Midtown. What you said makes sense because the smileys and brows over the valley would require a stretch, not shrink. I'm not near the car right now, but if I remember correctly, a high anchor allowed the film to sit more flat in the valley, but there was a lot of excess film to shrink on the corners (at least more than I am comfortable with). I'm going to give it a shot tonight, and hopefully report success in the "what did you tint today" thread. Wishful thinking.
  4. My sister just purchased a 2017 Prius Prime, and it's sitting in my garage right now. I soaped up the bg for dry shrink, but I am having difficulty determining the best way to anchor the film. That valley in the middle creates brows up top and smileys on the bottom. Tintbits used the wetshrink method, and Jake treats these like any other bg... does anyone else have suggestions/tips on how to tackle this bg? Any input would be appreciated...
  5. BooYah! It's finally here...
  6. Can anyone offer tips for the rear window? I tried anchoring both high and low, but this BG is kicking my arse! Doesn't help that the spoiler prevents me from lifting and pulling. Any suggestions would be appreciated.