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  1. Those of you that are affected can also apply for EILD $10k grant money from the SBA. If your business is closed and you’re home taking care of the kids you can apply for unemployment. Im in California and got approved. Just waiting for my checks. That will definitely help me ride this out.
  2. Here’s something positive that can come from all of this carnage. Those who survive this event will be stronger as all those $99 tint shops will most likely be going out of business. This is also an excellent opportunity to renegotiate your lease. 🍻 to a better days ahead.
  3. Ive shut down until 4-7-20. Shelter in place order for the bay area. Even though they have an exemption for auto repair and related business. Business has slowed drastically. I have enough to cover expenses for a few awhile but if this drags then Im done for.
  4. I’ve been in contact with a Tesla tech and he has seen this issue. He says Tesla won’t warranty the glass for the defroster issue. Tesla makes the defroster run hotter to clear condensation on the top part that doesn’t have the lines. That will severely affect any tint. It’s just a matter of time for any model 3 that has tint. He did however say they wail warranty the “fissure crack” that might be good news for my customer. I told my customer to go that route with them. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  5. Has anyone seen this on a model 3? If so what was the remedy? Thanks
  6. So I did a model 3 last year with Global Ceramic now customer comes back says it’s peeling but was not the issue. It’s clear the defroster line burned the film. Also at the bottom of the glass there was a cracked. I told customer the cracking is a known issue and Tesla would replace under warranty. I told them I’ll retint for free if the replace. Man I’m really thinking about not touching these cars anymore. I’m hoping Tesla honors their product and don’t blame this on the tint. PICS!
  7. QDP might not be the best film to practice with as the adhesive is more aggressive then other films. Especially if temperature goes up so does the difficulty.
  8. Thanks Mike for the tip. I have one of these today.
  9. I paid a mobile detailer to go to my customer workplace and take care of it. I didn’t want to inconvenience them.
  10. Car was brand new and I opened the sun shade and didn’t notice anything unusual. I’m pretty sure this Was from my installation.
  11. It’s been 3 days since install. It’s been cooler here hopefully it’s gone by Monday.
  12. Customer just sent me pics. I’ve done two Atlas both with sunroof. One called back and texted me these pics. I’m going to have a detailer see if he can take care of it on Monday. I’ll keep you guys posted. Anyone else run into this problem? Thanks
  13. Thats the answer I was looking for. I’ve used the Llumar round spin wheel heat box and it wasn’t great at getting the point across as Flex films box. I highly recommend this box!