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  1. $100k is easy depending on your area. My friends from outta state tell me their prices and im shocked. $100k is just $300/day. That’s ☝️ car a day.
  2. Try higher anchor line. Its your technique. The higher line should help you by putting more shrink in the lower half.
  3. Its a uv coating on the front door glass only. Razor blade will damage it. Tint removal would be pita without a blade. Coating can be removed with glass out of the car and a single edge razor.
  4. Ive been using microfiber rope on those without any issues. Thanks for the heads up, Ill be even more carful.
  5. Modern German cars have a battery controller and its sole job is to make sure you have enough juice to start your vehicle within the next 24 hours. It can shut down accessories to maintain that status. Plus they usually have a big battery.
  6. Turn off everything that can be turned of with the key on. IE interior exterior lights,a/c , radio, seat warmers etc. my standard operating procedure is key on tint driver side then start car for 5 minutes. Key on and install passenger side. This will work on most cars. GM, Ford and Hondas get a battery maintainer applied. You do not want to run out of juice as on most modern cars this will throw low voltage codes that can make a lot of lights on the dash go off. A quick drive usually turns them back off.
  7. What he said ☝️. Typical with removals ill do a quick dirty install of a throw away piece. Theory is it will remove any hidden glue. Save the samples you get from film companies. The model 3 is tough. With experience you’ll get better. I use to require a second set of hands for install. Now I can do them by myself. If you think the model 3 is hard try doing the model Y roof by yourself.
  8. I wouldn’t worry too much even quarter size moisture bubbles will disappear. Can take months. The only time it can turn into an air bubble is if its facings the sun and its hot enough to boil over and create steam.
  9. Im gonna guess that this technique will work on old removed lettering decals that have a ghost image when it gets steamy or foggy.
  10. Holy Shit 100% confirmed it works! Was doing two fronts today and it had defogger. Was struggling to get it lined up. Passenger side cleaned like normal and remembered your post. Quick three sweeps and defogger was gone. Thanks Bro!
  11. 🤯 all these years and Ive never found a way to get rid of defogger.
  12. Its your shrinking. It needs to be even.
  13. Not sure on the E63 but the regular e-class dont need felt. Supposedly theres some warning on the front doors of excessive moisture can damage modules. I use a door curtain guard and only use spray bottles. No corny tanks. Never had any problems. Previous generation had soft 1/4 glass. Dont use a razor blade to clean them.
  14. I ended up only doing the sides. Customer will come back at a later date for me to try the backglass. Thats a great idea about pin switches. Ill have to look into that.