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  1. QDP might not be the best film to practice with as the adhesive is more aggressive then other films. Especially if temperature goes up so does the difficulty.
  2. Thanks Mike for the tip. I have one of these today.
  3. I paid a mobile detailer to go to my customer workplace and take care of it. I didn’t want to inconvenience them.
  4. Car was brand new and I opened the sun shade and didn’t notice anything unusual. I’m pretty sure this Was from my installation.
  5. It’s been 3 days since install. It’s been cooler here hopefully it’s gone by Monday.
  6. Customer just sent me pics. I’ve done two Atlas both with sunroof. One called back and texted me these pics. I’m going to have a detailer see if he can take care of it on Monday. I’ll keep you guys posted. Anyone else run into this problem? Thanks
  7. Thats the answer I was looking for. I’ve used the Llumar round spin wheel heat box and it wasn’t great at getting the point across as Flex films box. I highly recommend this box!
  8. That’s as good as it gets. If you ask him to redo that you’ll end up with worst. Any time you remove tint from the backglass there’s risk of defroster damage. With that being said there will also be a layer of adhesive on the lines making them even thicker with worst results then the first time. Looks like your Tinter did it right with the prep. If he didn’t prep it good the air lines above and below the defroster would be thicker.
  9. I won’t install anyone else’s film either.
  10. Bro I’m not sure how to search it but I did do a post about some diy door covers a few years back. Cost is a few bucks. Had links of where to buy the carpet shields on amazon.
  11. Side windows on this model are nearly flat just like most cars. The shrink was done on the peeler called the “snap/ down under shrink”. It’s possible that heat from the sun caused it.