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  1. Film design for me. Ive use precision cut and the only advantage over film designs is the cut table line. That aint saying much. Im a Llumar dealer and can get it but Ill stay with film design. Saving vetted patterns is easy. Enlarge or shrink patterns no prob. Most patterns are very good. I did like computer cut but with the bs about buying Crapguard no thanks.
  2. Dont look at it from that point of view. If you have to remove and refund the customer you came out on top because you basically just paid to never see that customer again. Thats worth it in my opinion. If you’re doing good work dont take it personally. Ive been in this industry for a long time and no longer feel any type of way when a customer goes to a cheaper shop. I see cheaper shops as a necessary part of the food chain. Certain customer deserve to get their cars worked on by them. Use your experience and vibe checks to best filter these guys out. I cant stress this enough if you run your own shop have over 6 months Cash reserved. This puts you in a situation where you dont have to take every job. If possible have multiple streams of income. 🍻
  3. This is why talking to the customer is very important. The more they talk the more information you can gather from them. This lets you weed out the bad customers. A vibe check. Ill say no to alot of customer and set the proper expectations. Those customers that want it perfect usually have entry level luxury vehicles. I’ve tinted alot of cars in 15 years and no car is perfect. Once in awhile maybe one window is perfect. I spend alot of my installation time finding the imperfections and heating it out before a customer can even lay eyes on it. This will solve many issues because once they see something they can unsee it.
  4. Has anyone done one yet? My sister just got one and wanted a heads up on it. Looks easy. Front windshield is my concern. Is it like the model 3 with the computer module thats on the A pillar? Roof glass looks large but shouldn’t be a problem for me since I have rolls big enough for the model 3. Any known issues? Thanks.
  5. Car manufacturers will cut corners and reduce cost. Most vehicles have factory felt installed. Alot of luxury Vehicle do not. Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes. Some of the more common cars are Accord 03-07 Acura TSX pre 2010. On those Vehicles felt installation is already included in quote.
  6. This is not car wrapping. Felt installed on the sweeps.
  7. I got approved for EDIL. Process was simple. Filled out the online app and waited a month before they ran my credit. Then about a month later I received an offer for the loan. It is deferred payments for 1 year and has a 30 year term with no prepayment penalty. Im still deciding if I even want the loan. Apparently it looks like i have to sign loan docs within 30 days of offer. Originally I did the EDIL hoping to get the free $10k grant. SBA changed that to $1k per employee. I still have not received that free grant money. Whole process was over two months. As for the PPP theres way to much stipulations. 75% for payroll and 25% for other business uses. Loan term is 2 years with 1 year deferred. I never applied for the PPP.
  8. That needs to be redone. Your S5 also needs felt installed to prevent scratches. From my POV it dosnt look like it was installed.
  9. Global would be your best bet. If i had prices like that in my area i would find another line of work.
  10. I think for me it’s going to be standard operating procedure to wipe down key fobs, door handles ,window switches,steering wheel and shift knobs from now on. Ill keep my waiting room closed until social distancing ends.
  11. Had a Rep stop by my shop and give me sample rolls. Does anyone have experience with them? Prices are good and the only thing I know about them is the make wrap vinly. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Those of you that are affected can also apply for EILD $10k grant money from the SBA. If your business is closed and you’re home taking care of the kids you can apply for unemployment. Im in California and got approved. Just waiting for my checks. That will definitely help me ride this out.
  13. Here’s something positive that can come from all of this carnage. Those who survive this event will be stronger as all those $99 tint shops will most likely be going out of business. This is also an excellent opportunity to renegotiate your lease. 🍻 to a better days ahead.
  14. Ive shut down until 4-7-20. Shelter in place order for the bay area. Even though they have an exemption for auto repair and related business. Business has slowed drastically. I have enough to cover expenses for a few awhile but if this drags then Im done for.