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  1. Its your shrinking. It needs to be even.
  2. Not sure on the E63 but the regular e-class dont need felt. Supposedly theres some warning on the front doors of excessive moisture can damage modules. I use a door curtain guard and only use spray bottles. No corny tanks. Never had any problems. Previous generation had soft 1/4 glass. Dont use a razor blade to clean them.
  3. I ended up only doing the sides. Customer will come back at a later date for me to try the backglass. Thats a great idea about pin switches. Ill have to look into that.
  4. Anyone know a way to trick the backglass up with the top down? Glass only goes up half way. There has to be a service cleaning mode.
  5. That trick will work on most. For super stubborn peanuts you’ll need to heat before and after the line to seal off any moisture that can return to the peanut before performing above.
  6. Peanuts happen because of irregularities on the line. Certain vehicles are more prone to them. Try using 000 steel wool to clean and thin out the lines. Here’s an old trick to get rid of stubborn peanuts. Paper wrap hard card and hold film to the line and heat to near blister. Then continue to hold will spraying slip to cool from the outside. The rapid change in temp will make the film tack.
  7. Its kinda shady that they blamed the tint originally until it started happening on backglass without tint. 😂😂😂
  8. New information from my Tesla tech. The burned defroster on some model 3 were because of a defective batch of backglass. Tesla is aware of the issue. Maybe it will be warranted.
  9. Close the latch and trick the windows up. Put extra soap to give that extra slip to slide in under the seal.
  10. It was a record setting month. Traffic dropped off the last few days.
  11. Who has done the roof glass? In 15 years that is by far the biggest and hardest glass I’ve ever done. 😓
  12. Front windshield on the Y went easy. A pillars popped off. Micro fiber rope with plastic tucked on top at the bottom edge of the glass. Microfibers stuffed into the A pillar cavity. Pattern shifted on me and I even had to peel and respray. Lots of slip and everything is still good.
  13. Ive tinted maybe a 1000’s windshield and I’m worried about the model 3