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  1. When working with large surface areas like a full car, some of these issues are bound to happen from time to time. The installer should take care of those issues for you.
  2. Hourly rate + 10% of the total ticket. Installer only makes hourly if the car comes back for any redos. This pay plan has incentive for them to work quickly, but also to do quality work. If an installer in knocking out two retail full fronts per day, they are going to bring home about $129k annually and bring you over a million in revenue. Good for both parties.
  3. We (XPEL) have them for the 2021 Jag F-Type R in both the coupe or convertible. Not sure what series yours is though.
  4. Norm? Is that you, old friend? Are you still living down near the equator?
  5. I’ve worked for XPEL for 15 years and can verify that this is a typical price from a well-experienced installer.
  6. The issue pictured is an installation technique issue rather than a film defect.
  7. Being that those are installation issues, if you don’t get cooperation from the original installer quickly, you’ll likely end up taking them to small claims court if the manufacturer can’t convince them to act quickly. Call the shop and manufacturer one more time. I bet they get it taken care of.
  8. This video is a good primer on that topic: https://youtu.be/KY-8KyRrOuE
  9. XPEL Jeff

    XPEL Jeff

  10. A lot of it comes down to packages, pricing and talk track. WHere are you locvated? Maybe I can get your rep to assist.
  11. RX Protection Film can be cleaned with a wide variety bleach based and non-bleach based cleaners as well as Quaternary Ammonium Germicidal Wipes, from PDI, SafeTec, Steris, Jet and others. i.e., alcohol wipes, bleach wipes, germicidal wipes. Avoid hydrogen peroxide. Warranty details can be found here, as it differs for commercial and non-commercial use: https://www.xpel.com/warranty-information
  12. Hi Michelle, the things that you are speaking of usually are related to install solution mixtures and timing. what are you using for your install mixtures?
  13. It all depends on the application. If you install it on a residential marble kitchen counter top it'll last longer than if it was installed on a commercial bar top where there may be wine spilled on it every day and never cleaned off.
  14. XPEL Design Access Program has that functionality. You can extend the most commonly wrapped edges with a couple of mouse clicks or ANY edge with a little more effort.