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  2. I've been a LLumar user for a grand total of 12 years so it's hard to sell me on other products, especially when I've only ever seen failures in the material 5 times (three of which can be traced back to to same roll). Thanks for your input!
  3. Here in NC even with a waiver for the darker percentage we still have a min/maximum of 20%. Check your paperwork from the state to make sure your not waisting your time trying to go darker .
  4. The rep from Rayno called me today pushing thier film, never heard of it before. I'm just looking for some feedback. He dumped some numbers on me. RAYNO S9 35% RAYNO S5 20% Llumar ATC 20% Llumar CTX 35 IR Rejection 92% IR Rejection 53% IR rejection N/A IR rejection N/A% TSER 58% TSER 51% TSER 39% TSER 50% $507.00/roll $207.00/roll $250.00/roll* $450.00/roll* Thanks!