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    pbalentine reacted to Ryker in 13 year old Global   
    So I had a car in for a new door glass tinting.  Did this 13 years ago.  It is HP 05.  As you can see there is no visible fade color change.
    This is a delivery vehicle that is outside all the time.
    Glad I switched.

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    pbalentine got a reaction from CaptainSpod in Windshield tint   
    You can apply film over the Visor strip, but you’re gonna see a line where the film for the windshield over laps the visor. Not horrible looking but won’t look as clean. 
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    pbalentine got a reaction from Diablo's Tint in True or Bollocks?   
    Roll window up, solved!
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    pbalentine got a reaction from Booms in True or Bollocks?   
    Roll window up, solved!
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    pbalentine reacted to ericferguson8 in New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%   
    50% is really noticeable with limo over the back windows. I tried 50% with 20% all around and it wasn’t too noticeable. Once I added a layer of 5 over the rears you can’t hide it. I choose 70% for my shield the second time around with limo all around. It adds a touch of darkness but nothing crazy. If you send me an email I’ll send you some pics. 
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    pbalentine reacted to CaptainSpod in New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%   
    I always put 70% on my windshields only due to the fact I tint the sides and back windows dark, so I have plenty of privacy. Not to mention I still get 18% glare reduction from my 70% which is plenty for me. No reason to go darker for me personally unless you're not trying to be seen for whatever reason, or you legitimately have a medical reason to go darker.
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    pbalentine reacted to hewitt_jay in Rear screen peanuts in tint   
    1500 grit for me as well.  Slow down and let the heat do the work for you.  I get peanuts rarely, but when I do, I drink a dos equis.
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    pbalentine got a reaction from hewitt_jay in Rear screen peanuts in tint   
    Charger/300, Tesla, Old lexes & Audi all get sanded with 1500 grit. I never get any peanuts.
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    pbalentine reacted to smookee408@yahoo.com in Tesla model 3 burned defroster   
    New information from my Tesla tech. The burned defroster on some model 3 were because of a defective batch of backglass. Tesla is aware of the issue. Maybe it will be warranted. 
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    pbalentine reacted to civicrice in Made up for 11 years of injury free installing with one swipe   
    but what about the wasp? 
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    pbalentine reacted to Midtown Houston in Xpel XR Plus for Tesla Y Windshield Tips? Lots of installers wont do.   
    They are not experience enough. We do the most tinting on Tesla and it is a walk in the park for us. Ask other Tesla owner and group whom they use and recommend. Look at our instagram at autofilmspecialists
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    pbalentine got a reaction from TintDude in Window cutting question   
    Doesnt really matter how you shift pattern. Get a dry erase marker and mark the sides before you lay film in the window. This way you can see how it shifts. Also, works good for install to. 
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    pbalentine got a reaction from Diablo's Tint in What's Up with SunTek?!!   
    They made a change to the film a couple years ago. It was to make the liner pull easier, which it does now. Also, scratching is gone and it scratched the same as global did for me. In the end, no matter the film they will all be gone after 7-10 years of heavy exposure. Nothing is much better than the next. I once removed f1 pinnacle at the 10 yr. mark once and it wad bubble and distorted just like the cheap shiat. 
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    pbalentine reacted to WearTheFoxHat in Did I Mess up?   
    What @Whyme said
    Looks like fibres and a crease in your blurry photo. Quite often a short piece of blue tape near the issue will help the camera focus.
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    pbalentine reacted to civicrice in Beginner cars   
    malibus and fusions
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    pbalentine reacted to Midtown Houston in Feel like Christmas 🎄   
    Custom made this gift for my buddy Dave Dellinger. He have always help me and other installer in this film industry. Most the time he don’t even have time to help, BUT HE DOES!!!! Hope you enjoy this POD Caddy Dave. Old fashion American made equipment which is rare these days.

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    pbalentine reacted to Midtown Houston in The Pod Caddy   
    Official Launch 🚀 of the POD CADDY.
    The best equipment for the window film, ppf, & detailing ever made. Bringing you mobility and efficiency to another level.
    Made of thick solid aluminum to help you be very efficient while doing your install. Your tank will be on wheel and your sprayer will never hit the floor. Best equipment for mobile installer/detailer and off-site commercial window film job. Made by an installer for an installer. Made in Houston Texas. This product been heavily tested, dropped, stepped on, a bruised and it still work perfectly.
    - Aluminum Tank Pod
    - Wheel
    - 3’ Aluminum Extruded Post
    - Tank Strap
    - Sprayer Holder
    ADD ON
    - Tank & Sprayer
    - Heat Gun Holder
    - Torch Holder
    - The Pad
    - 1/4” Solid Aluminum Base
    - Stainless Steel Hardware
    - Lightweight and Mobile

    $265 is retail price plus shipping of $35 anywhere in the USA 🇺🇸
    We are committed to providing our client the best product to protecting their vehicle since 2005.
    “We are always training and learning with your high standards in mind” ———————————————————
    Norng LLC
    126 W. Gray St.
    Houston TX 77019
    ☎️(713) 560-0669

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    pbalentine got a reaction from Tint Slayer in Heat shrink   
    Looking back I should of just got a few 100 ft rolls and just shrunk a bunch on a bg with average difficulty. Some key points to shrinking correctly are angle/distance of heat gun, how long you stay in each area and then shrinking toward the factory edge, especially in the corners. Also, need to anchor film not to high or low. Some bgs you may go a little higher or lower than center. I use my hand to hold the film for side anchor. I start shrinking in the corner for a couple seconds ‘then’ I pull film to anchor it as I shrink. If you anchor before your’re just pulling all the slack into one big pocket to shrink. I only do this on more difficult ones. 
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    pbalentine reacted to civicrice in New to tinting. Any advice would be appreciated!   
    fun. fun. fun. all films are different but keeping your heat gun moving steadily and swiftly as you watch the film shrink helps.  take a scrap and see how much heat your film can take before it burns up. learn how the film behaves before it it burns up and adjust your gun movements accordingly.  other than that because you are new all i can say is ; practice , practice , practice.  its going to get easier. 
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    pbalentine reacted to Tint Slayer in Heat shrink   
    Best for a novice to use baby powder for shrinking. One thing i've noticed with people new to shrinking and using dryer sheets is they go too heavy and don't let it fully dry. I'd suggest wetting the dryer sheet with alcohol instead of water so it'll dry quicker and fully after wiping it on glass, with a thin coat on the glass, not wet solid caked up dryer sheet j1zz.
    When you are learning to shrink and get a crease or burn on the first corner when you just start shrinking still complete the rest of the shrinking so you can use that piece for practice, you gain a little confidence practicing on a piece that you're not worrying about destroying. Good luck!
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    pbalentine reacted to Jkatfelix in Model Y   
    Crystalline 20 all around
    @Midtown Houston WYA?

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    pbalentine reacted to jconnors in At home activities   
    baking today-i got a nice setup in part of my shop

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    pbalentine reacted to Tint Eastwood in At home activities   
    Just been messing around with some painted signs and stickers. Got too many stacking up....  

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    pbalentine reacted to Stewy in At home activities   
    I know that we all have some creative imagination. Lets lighten things up and start posting some pictures of activities while in quarantine. Here is one of our bays that I cleared out to create a Battlefield, the kids loved it. 😁

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    pbalentine reacted to Tint Eastwood in can you tint plastic?   
    Sounds like you are way ahead of the curve, you should open up a shop and only do face shields. Then come back in a year or two for the requisite “I told you so” when you’re a millionaire.