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  1. Interested in the software. Thank you 

    1. DC- Judd

      DC- Judd


      Here is the link to the download page and you can download either the Mac version or the Windows version.



      Once you've installed and launched the program, go to UTILITIES in the toolbar and REGISTER SOFTWARE with the below Cut Key.  You should just be able to copy and paste it. 




      If you have any issues/ questions, just send me an email.


    2. DC- Judd

      DC- Judd

      Hi, just checking if you were successful at downloading the software.

      Let me know your feedback when you have time. 


    3. clear solutions
  2. Dude, you are being ridiculous. If you have so much knowledge and high expectations, you should just try and do the job yourself and let’s see what type of results you have. You don’t even mention the type of vehicle that you have 🙄
  3. Did you do the windshield?
  4. I feel that it’s better than Xpel for sure. Suntek is the pinnacle for me with all their innovations, but this new product from global is going to become a big player in the game! Trust this.
  5. This is a great film. The adhesive is just the right amount of aggressiveness. Super clarity by the way.. Looking forward to bringing this into my daily lineup!
  6. It’s unfortunate, but Rayno is not a long term film. The thinking might be because it’s a ceramic film, it will last. Not the case with whatever level of their product you choose. It’s just sad
  7. This is a good film. Used it for a brief period. Good color and no issues or comebacks. Will hold up for the long term
  8. Hello, What would be the cost to ship to Northern California? Thank you!
  9. FYI... The front doors apparently have a coating on them that can be damaged if they are attempted to be tinted.
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