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  1. Who has the pre cut ppf kit for the Pista? Have one waiting for the ppf.. Thanks
  2. Hi.. i just need to know if any company has a patter (kit) for this car.. Please advice.. Thanks
  3. Any news for the new version? Please advise..Thanks
  4. Go to Sign Warehouse and see the Vinyl Express..are same as Graphtec but with a better price..I have one since 2008 and no problem..
  5. kikeb

    Chrome wrap

    Need your help..need to wrap a Huracan in Chrome..the question is Avery or APA? Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Does anyone has a kit for this car? Please advise..Thanks
  7. Any Paint Protection Film kit for the 1994 Porsche 964? Please advice. thanks
  8. Ryan pls contact me @ 7874693511 Enrique Betancourt..thanks
  9. Thanks Rob but this is not for 911 964 for 911 993 pls advice 7874693511 Enrique Betancourt
  10. Yes from San juan PR and I use the Dap software..Been in the industry/business since 2006..
  11. Has anyone knows about a complete kit for this awesome car? Please advise..thanks
  12. I'm from San juan pr..I can do it but need travel and lodging.. Fb@ enrique kike Betancourt Instagram@ bumpershield