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  1. Trunk only 10mm needs to remove. Where are you getting the extra screws from ? Door panels only top 2 screws need to come out and the seals pull right out.
  2. 20'' rolls do silverado trucks all day long hand cutting.
  3. A noisy install is dirty instal. Once the tint starts ticking and squeaking your pretty much done. I wouldn't say a heavy mix but more a proper mix is optimum.
  4. the 200 or 220 ? Those bikes proved themselves in the islands during the air cooled 80s and water cooled 90s I even had a 250 KDX with the blue forks. That was a heavy pig in the sticks.
  5. how did you rig that pressure guage ?
  6. I just started using it. I like it. Stocked up on the XP ULTRA and CLEAR COMFORT. The CARBON CRYSTALLINE is the good. The SHADE CS is the better. The XP ULTRA is the best. The SPECTRA HP is metallized. Gonna be hard to get me away from EWF classic black for entry level but with the customer service I've been getting from EDGE you never know. And I'm also paying very little more for the ceramic XP ULTRA than I pay for classic black from the Hawaii rep. (EFW will NOT sell directly to me)
  7. Id say its a dust collector. But those days you just not in the mood to deal with a Chevy colorado door panel they are a savior. When i do use um I bottom load release the bungee and continue the bottom load. Not sure if thats how to use them but it works for me.
  8. If it comes off clean its most likely cheap crap. Just speaking from my encounters. Sometimes the right pressure,angle and speed can yeild pretty clean results.
  9. your 2nd step 3 you don't say you wipe top gasket. Then step 4 you squeegee entire window which means you roll all the way up. If so thats your contamination rolling up on dirty gasket before install.
  10. Post your warranty card and this topic can end. It will have type and lot numbers. That simple.
  11. You was the one who was dead serious about trying to mock me now you did your homework and feel stupid.
  12. We can't ground ship out but can ground ship into Hawaii