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  1. Long day today hookers. 10hrs of driving, to do 130 sq ft, that took literally 25min to do. Payout was ok, but the drive sucked. I’m a winner, shut it down.
  2. In for the win....as a winner
  3. @TintDude, thanks for changing my handle back. I feel at home again....but still like the red headed step child.
  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve been a member 10 years. Medals don’t reflect that. I can’t figure out how to view the desktop version on my phone, and don’t remember what the medals mean.
  5. $50k, 3 weeks till completion, then on to the next.
  6. With @kats2112 15k sq ft, 8 stories, ext 7mil with wet glaze.
  7. Can’t seem to get out of this industry, but really good. I need to come around here more often. I miss pissing people off.
  8. How you doing Roach? Haven’t talked with you in years.
  9. @TintDude, will you change my name back to TintJunkie? I have a rep to keep.
  10. But my name here is TintJunkie. How do I change it?
  11. Why doesn’t my name say TintJunkie?
  12. Hey tint hookers. Just checking in with y’all. Been a while. In for the win.
  13. DOOD! I was wanting to get on GTA tonight to do the same.