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  1. ljr1977


  2. Its 56° here in Florida and still not the coldest its gonna get. I feel for those up north I'm sure it's not pleasant at 10-20°.
  3. Wanted to say good morning.. why does it got to be cold? Brrrrrr..
  4. I will sometimes have to start the car put it in neutral and set e-brake and shut off the car. With the car in neutral and the parking brake set it will stay on.
  5. I use microfiber suede towels that are tucked in the same way, ByeungYeol Park the Korean tinter makes them and the work perfectly for windshields. Plus with the lighter films no light needed since they are white.
  6. So great to see you have a NiRoLL
  7. This is the latest light designed for window tinting.. its called the Tintlight. Www.niroll.lighting
  8. Yes, I've been using the hammer myself.. I'm a firm believer in it and will be ordering more. He also has the cheddah or cheddar that works great also.
  9. I've been making these for 7 months now. We use cob LED strip lights in our lights because they are bright. If you want a discount code for one of our websites please contact me. If you like you can order from us or Amazon. The model number for our Tintlight is LX50MF. Our reviews are good and our lights are bright.
  10. Try our NiRoLL LX Tintlight check us out at http://www.tintlight.com
  11. its flexible you can place it like this and see around full window, go to our website for more pics tintlight.com