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  2. i was thinking "for my first picture post, i have to compete with a toilet!" not fair... lol
  3. never posted a pic before but thought this was cool. alligator was going crazy because of seeing people on the other side of the glass. put some SolarFX film from Dragon Distributing on to calm her down. at Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den in Scranton, PA
  4. i once had a guy swear to me that he watched as a guy split his window in 2, applied tint, and then put the window back together! and also that he used to have them "smoked" in a machine so they were "factory" tinted. funny that he couldn't remember where it was done or who did it-he just remembered watching as it was done.
  5. this window i believe is similar to the rear side corner window on an older dodge(i think it was a dodge) passenger van. i think someone on here got it in one piece but i know i never did and gave up trying. this window by looking at it is worse than the van. sometimes you just can't get them in one piece. i would seam it and even that will probably really hard. good luck.
  6. doesn't matter where you are if you are good
  7. high prices=more money in my pocket
  8. razor pulled backwards does the trick
  9. i've had this happen with various defrosters over the years but can't pinpoint it to any particular make but guys, you have to remember that this is not our fault and therefore not our responsibility to pay for it. it's like paying for a window motor that fails just because we happen to be tinting the window-not our fault i've seen on here through the years that many tinters get pushed around for refunds, and do-overs, and repairs that are not legit. other businesses do not do this and we shouldn't either and the customer has to understand this. just because they want something doesn't mean we have to give it. just my 2 cents but i think it is a big problem and i hate to see us lose money for stuff that is not our fault. i'm not criticizing but just concerned