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  1. wow.. yeah I think you got a botched install.
  2. Same, its all about the feel working on motor stuff. I see Stan on facebook a lot. sometimes here too. always like to see his posts and all the stuff that he does.
  3. Maybe I should give calcium and mag to see if it helps.. your right they have changed over the years. I have a habit of getting as much water out as I can. I don't do as many vehicles that I used to do back in the early yrs. its mainly back windows.. im tall. so I have to lean and duck and all the weird angles im sure isn't good when you have to press to get low. also all the fun thick ass defrosters! I also used to wrench a lot and that puts strain on things too.. my brother is a tech and he has jacked up wrists.he mostly used air tools now but sometimes you have to use a wrench. I use fusion as well. have for 6 or so yrs. good tools.
  4. Yeah ive thought of remote starts.. just unsure who would be the best as far as easy compatibility. also thought about coatings but I don't want to do paint correction and fill the shop with dust particles. I would look into DEI.. I used some Dei door poppers on shaved doors way back in the day.. they would freeze in the cold and I would be locked out lol. the shoulders are from all the pressing on the shoulder to squeegee the water out. repetition...its hard on the shoulders reaching and pressure. awkward body movements are a killer. I also have back issues from a few car accidents when I was younger. ive heard of a few that have been in the business for 30 or more yrs have had cup replacements. Billy Aiton has a few videos on it as well.. recently. I picked up a handjob squeegee and it has helped with shoulder and wrist pressure.. had to give up the yellow turbo.
  5. for real...we all get those wacky customers and forget to do something.. it happens. but yes your right.. I don't want to be the guy that slaps it on without a care in the world. I treat it as if it were my own car. I have learned to brush things off that are totally not worth worrying about. Shoulders are starting to show signs of popping and slight pain. it catches up and ive noticed it. colder months are worse. Ive upgraded a few tools to help with keeping the pressure off my shoulder when I press.
  6. LOL... I hear ya. I have mine setup so customers don't come to the shop area. unless its to show them something. insurance purposes. hate having a customer over my shoulder..most drop off, only waiter I get are for 2 fronts or if they are stuck and have to wait.. your right power and time are not free.. last I checked nothing was free. lol
  7. nice operation.. I have a mechanical background aswell. I have built many cars and always have some kind of a project to work on when I find time. I enjoy it when im not slinging film. not all business models are the same...Ive been running my business for 15 yrs and was the only shop in a town I grew up in. been here for 37 yrs. I don't have any thoughts of hiring anyone.. I don't want to complicate and worry about keeping them busy enough to cover everything that goes with it. im fine doing a few cars a day..
  8. Yes myself or my wife talks to every customer during the full process. who doesn't like the blank check customers? not to be confused with over charging. the ones who know what they are getting and expect a good job. yes buddies, not as in I could careless, as in those calls never come through, and if they do chances are its not in there budget. that's all. not in a bad way. I think friends get treated differently then friends of customers just depends who like anything. its usually stated when they are wanting to know costs. not after usually. I don't have a problem working on any car.. the money has to be right first though. if not no biggie. not going to bend backwards to be the nice guy as I give away my time and skill.
  9. sky's the limit quality over quantity. Props!
  10. awesome on your new hookup! some people listen and some don't or get confused. sometimes its better to keep things simple and to the point. im sure you've heard the, let me talk it over to my husband and crickets.. or a no show, no call,no loyalty. its a different world. I prefer the guys with blank checks and want a good job and that's what they get. not the I have a bunch of buddies looking to get tint and on and on.. after awhile you get used to it.
  11. I will have to give the ultra a shot. I also remember ricochet..i remember a tint company that did all the vws at a dealer and they all failed.. business moved and renamed. the stuff that turned brown and black with cracking. usually early 2000 cars. its funny when a customer comes in and wants me to replace. I giggle.. ill pass. haha looking over 8 people has to be a job in itself. I started out in a few high volume shops. drama class. I am happy with doing my own thing. consistency and not having to replace a botched install.to some its just a job. but when you have overhead with everything in the jackpot who has time for games. Just remembered. I have a customer going to Europe to the bmw factory to get his car. drive around Europe and shipping it over the pond. I ordered trakwrap for him. I should of had him order it from xpel. why? because there is no cost for the product. its the same as listed online. was told its just ultimate with air release holes. I understand the money is in the install but, I probably wont be asked for it every once and a blue moon. temporary film.
  12. Midtown, You can only educate the customer so far. I can usually tell within the first few sentences.. I want the world but don't want to pay to do it correctly.. I see it all too much anymore. I don't want to be the cheap guy. I have built my business up and every now and then I get the 98 accord callers. pass. for tint. old car are just a pita to deal with. I can tint 2 new cars for the time it takes to do that one for pennies. I let the price dictate. try to explain..until I sense im wasting my time. costs of everything has gone up..i love the customers that thought I was too much come back because they think they got a bad job. I am not a up seller... I give a price for what it takes to do the job correctly with quality materials. im not the 99. guy starting at, then sell them when they come in the door. I will try the ultra.. used to use 3m scotch and venture back in the mid 90s. did 3m fix the adhesive on the pro? tried the first pro and wasn't impressed. scotch is like cardboard. wasn't a fan and what I mainly used first starting out. tech has come a long way. to the point of stepping on toes.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys.. I figured as much. Nothing different then all the other film companies.I don't want a product that is being sold a block away.since I know one is a volume lick it and stick it shop. with ridiculous prices to match it. I like the dap cuts. been using it for awhile. but did a 2017 Titan and ordered the bumper kit from xpel. the kit was 3 inches short on each side on the upper bumper piece. got on the phone and called xpel to see what was up. they asked the installer about it. I have installed several hundreds on the dap kits. but today, it was obvious there was no way to stretch it that far. I had to explain to the xpel guy on the phone that this isn't new to me. I do lots of these. I know what is possible and what clearly is not. I had to do the grill by hand because they don't offer a kit. all painted grill. I said forget it. ill do it by hand. get to the bottom piece.. same damn thing cut was way off. after wasting 2 hrs explain to the guy on the phone.. sending it back. just did it all by hand. I use kits to save time.. not put me in the hole. I deal mainly with newer cars. never had an issue until today. after seeing the other shops using xpel..yah I have many return happy clients..never have any issues,very rarely comebacks..Usually for something stupid.I take the time needed to do the job right the first time. I take pride in my work and what I put out. which costs more obviously..but have to funnel through the bs calls with people wanting as cheap as possible.. and they expect perfect..not going to happen. we all know the lingo in this business. gets reeeal ollld fast. any thoughts on premium shield? havnt seen much talk about it since sema. how about nano fusion? stek? . Used to use suntek window film when they first started.. wasn't too fond. Im sure its different now but am happy with what I use. ive used the ppf. thinner then xp but not as sticky. havnt tried the ultra.. I will see about a sample.
  14. Ok guys, So Ive been a xpel dealer for 10 yrs. I was the only dealer in my area. a month or so I looked at the dealer Locator on xpels site to update info. I was the only one listed. now I see the other shop that is listed now. He advertises as a 3m dealer. He has been in the shop for a yr or so. I have fixed numerous installs from unhappy customers.. The owner has also came to me to have me do a bumper on a Mercedes..Black and the bumper was an easy 5-600 to do it. I was in the middle of a bumper wrap when he stopped in. I told him I wasn't able to do it and gave him a price for just the bumper.. He looked at me like I was crazy.. Pretty sure he does hand cutting, which one of the customers dropped vehicle off to them by accident because I moved shops 4 yrs ago and his shop is a block away from my old shop and the building looks really similar. Brand new denali,cuts every edge on the whole front end. was removed and had to have a Cadillac dealer re clear and polish out. Couldn't believe it. . He is a Volume shop. quality is non existent. I only Looked at the dealer locator because there is another new shop that has been open for a few months a block away from the other 2 shops. I drove by to go to kinkos and saw an xpel banner out front. hmmmm Does xpel have any territory restrictions? I always thought so. I have been Loyal to xpel and things have been ok up until now. I was the only dealer in my area and now this is pretty ridiculous. My xpel rep recently quit to work for another film company. I have know him for 20 yrs. I always read all the xpels territory info on this forum. I guess it was only a matter of time until it happened to me. If there is any info I am not aware of, please speak up. I guess its time to look into other ppf options. I do like the dap but not sure I want to be the guy that sells something a customer can get down the street. I guess if any of you PPF Sales guys see this, please message me as to what you offer and we can go from there. Thanks Tintdude peeps!
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