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  1. Good Morning Blktint, Our Ceramic Dual Reflective (CDR) 05% would be compatible with this application. It would cover you on the color stability. it also has a dry adhesive and a polypropylene liner, which facilitates the "drop roll" technique. Our tech support desk (800)FILM-NOW can fill you in on any details you might need. We stock this film in all 3 warehouses on 36/48/60/72 inch widths. Regards, Howard
  2. Hi drtint, I got you covered on that. Just email me when you ship those rolls back. My crew will get you taken care of immediately. Have a great night. -Howard
  3. Hello drtint, You are welcome to send them right back to us for a cheerful and immediate refund. Even though it was an unintentional order, we gotcha covered. -Howard
  4. Hello Blackout66, Checking the 3M website, I see that the Prestige 70% publishes a VLT of 69% and a TSER of 50%. Our Express Perspective 70% has a VLT of 66% and a TSER of 58%. It's a fair bet that our pricing is lower as well. Regards, Howard
  5. Hi Stewy, Jake is correct. This may be ghosting. The EWF All Metal Series is pure Sputtered Nichrome and ghosting is a possible consequence with this type of construction. That being said, installers who handle a lot of it are familiar with techniques that greatly reduce or eliminate it. There are board members here who could give you more insightful guidance on that than I possibly could (not being an installer myself). The ghosting is a result of trapped water vapor from the application solution which can stain the film a milky white. Note: This is the only construction in the EWF range made with pure Nichrome and is the only film where ghosting may be a factor. It does not impact any other film in our range as we do not use sputtered metals in any other auto films. I agree with you: On certain vehicles, the slight VLRe increase does look very nice. Caution - as with any sputtered metal auto film, this could block some signals. Thanks, Howard
  6. Hello Jaketuckey, How well or how poor a film shrinks is a function of the MD/TD ratio, which would have no impact on longevity. Your statement is probably true based upon your experience, but this is one of those cases where correlation does not imply causation. You may want to consider Global or Llumar. These two films shrink very well and they have proven track records for durability. -Howard
  7. Hi Tom, I can't tell you how much this means coming from you. It's like Babe Ruth telling you that he thinks you are a good hitter. The reverse roll (drop) was one of the primary design goals and it is very gratifying to have you recognize the result. My installation experience level is nowhere near your own or most others on these boards, but I just installed over 250 sq/ft of it in my own apartment in Florida. I also could not believe how well this film handles and how beautiful it looks on the glass. Regards, Howard
  8. Hi jh812, It was great speaking with you today. I hope I was able to help and if any additional questions come up, we are just a phone call or email away. This is a BOPP liner mated to a BoPET film. Regards, Howard
  9. Dear Window Film Professional, We are proud to announce the availability of the industry’s finest Ceramic Dual Reflective Series window film, which is now in stock at your Authorized Global Window Film distributor. Dual Reflective films have been among the most popular residential films for decades, due to their solar performance and dual pane compatibility. The Global CDR films incorporate ceramic materials and the most advanced metallizing technology for delivering outstanding performance and unsurpassed beauty. CDR is available in 5 VLTs and in widths up to 72in. for no splicing seams on glass. These films are developed to be among the most “drop roll” friendly products on the market today, which speeds up application time and makes for a cleaner installation. Having personally participated in the development of these films, I had the opportunity to install them myself over the past 6-9 months. These films are a dream to work with, look beautiful and are built to last (like all of the other films in the Global Line). The datasheet can be found on the Global Website at the following URL: http://www.globalwindowfilms.com/architectural-specification.php For details about these exciting and ground breaking new products, please contact your Authorized Global Window Films distributor today. Thank you, Howard Express Films
  10. The shopping cart repairs have been effectuated. All good. Thanks for the heads up guys. -Hoard
  11. Thanks guys.. The admins @ Concentric Services have been notified. The back end of the site started acting up yesterday and a report was made to them. You can always email your orders to orders@buytint.com in the interim. Thanks, Howard
  12. Ok Shawn: #1 on you. #2 on me #3-25 on Abhishek The service center is going well but it's a lot of work. Florida is a very sophisticated, competitive and complex market. This is the 9th window film distribution warehouse I have opened in my career and this one will be like none other I have ever done. -Howard
  13. Hi Booms, Thanks for noticing.... I have been working hard on the opening of our 3rd major regional service center, which requires a lot of travel up/back from Florida to our Danbury HQ. All is very well on this end and I hope the same is true on your end. I have not missed a SEMA show in decades. We have not firmed up our schedules as far as out as November, but Express will be represented as always. I look forward to seeing all of my friends and colleges there. If I am not able to make it, Pasquale will cover the show for us this year. He and I have worked together for 22 years. There is even a chance we may both be there. Please come by to say hello. Take care, Howard