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  1. Check out Dave Ramsey's book Entre Leadership . Good advice there for ANY business
  2. The boys at Donut have found some tint related "hacks" on TicTok .
  3. Looks like the installer has not learned the "Button Trick" . ( see link below) .There are many variations but in short, cutting "soft" auto glass can be avoided by using a button ,bread tie or other cheap but thin piece of plastic that will slide on the glass under the film. The knife blade is inserted though the film into the plastic and cutting proceeds as normal. Some say its better , but adds more steps is shrinking then marking the film with a marker then cutting it off the vehicle on a designated cutting board. Also better is using plotter to cut the film so for the most part a knife never touches the glass.
  4. And the writer of the story should mention it closer to the top of the story....!! https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/verify/weather-verify/aluminum-foil-windows-cool-heat-wave/536-69a28e6f-0cef-4ae4-a730-fb29e42733a6?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  5. Gloobers really suck . Its no fun as an installer to discover you've missed spots . As Roach said it can be really tough to spot sometimes. Some blemishes really catch the eye and should be sorted out for peace of mind. If that was my work I'd WANT to redo it . A couple of square feet of film having to be redone is not the end of the world to a good shop that wants to keep their reputation intact.
  6. Apologies in advance for the novel It's easy to see that this was done hours before the photos were taken due to the still wet halos around some of the trash under the film and wet blister areas that the slip solution was not fully pushed out . Most of the trash though already has air around it and this will not change. Take it back to the shop and ask for a removal and replacement with the caveat that if its not acceptably fixed you want it all removed again and ALL your money back. Give them their shot to remove and redo the work and regain your trust. A pissed off custy will tell more people than a happy one ! A speck here and there near an edge is normal . Clouds of garbage shown in your photos look like the installer(s) had mittens on during a windstorm and is definitely NOT acceptable. $50 bucks for your cousin Billy to practice on your car is where the price should be for the work shown. $300 is not an insignificant amount of money for an install on a Kia or a Bugatti. Should be mint. @Melayeze If you think this is acceptable and you are in this business PLEASE hang up the tools Until you have taken lessons from @flat rock stan or go learn basket weaving or go pick up trash on the side of the highway and watch out for piss bombs! Not calling myself, my work or anyone here's work "perfect" but trash work needs called out and when you get rid of the trash we all get better! 100% of a great tint/graphic job with no trash is controlling the environment the work is done in. I know there is less trash in the work shown in the pic at the link below than there is under the work on OP's car. We used drop cloths( you can just see them under me) .Cleaned all the frames/gaskets. Pulled film in a clean area elsewhere and kept it in a closed box in the work area(camera is on the box). Misted the air before moving any film from box to the glass. Stripped and flipped it on the glass. https://www.tintdude.net/potw70.html
  7. Reputable Tint manufacturers block UV in the ranges noted above. Some places allow full windshield tint in a high VLT film.This allows you to have full coverage for all glass in your vehicle . Some places will require a dr note for low VLT aka darker film. In an added measure, maybe think about a full coverage very thin hoodie similar to the one at the link below. https://stanfields.com/products/strong-free-hoody
  8. Looks like a Squidward autograph
  9. Little different double BTW. Yeah its a novel..Suck it up and buckle up😁 Flat Glass job . Get to house to install DC on an odd +/- 50"x60", poor access upstairs window that faces street the custy does not want the hassle of drapes or blinds on. 1st BTW... Zero mention on W/O about the removal of alligatored old sun control on the work order. I thought it was an over the phone quote. "Hey custy ...the removal is not mentioned on W/O. It will take some extra time and clean up not accounted for in the price". "I have to call shop to make sure its been addressed properly, This should have added to the cost of the project. I must also let Scheduling know I'll be longer ". Custy....." No problem, Sales guy was here and saw it. Not sure why he did not include the time. I'm fine with an added charge". "Hey Scheduling ..I'll be longer ... Sales did not mention removal of film and I have to call him for up-charge or not and then get to it" Scheduling..."No problem..hes in the office He should pick up." Called Sales "Hey...You did not include for the removal ,That's chargeable time and fowls up scheduling" . Sales.. ." YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE EXISTING FILM ANYWAY!!!! GET THE EFFING WINDOW DONE AND TELL THE EFFING BITCH THERE WILL BE NO ADDED COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 2nd BTW..... ( Custy can hear it all through phone . She went from very pleasant to ANGRY🤬🤬) She asked for my cell to talk to Sales ... " I'm not very pleased with how you talk to your crew you Jack@$$. I heard every word you said and I told you when you were here to measure up that I'm fine with all costs related to RE and RE. ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MORON TALKING ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT? I'LL BE HAVING A CHAT WITH THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY!!!!!!" She promptly handed me back the phone while I stood there a few seconds mouth and eyes wide open struggling to believe this just happened. She was back to pleasant demeanor to me ,but still hot about the sales guy while she called the owner on her cell. Dude became a former sales guy very quickly .
  10. I strongly dislike popcorn for reasons noted above. Also seems like you are chewing on packing peanuts soaked in warm butter and salt or other flavours
  11. Stop eating popcorn while you are working
  12. There is a level of cringe factor. Viewer beware !!!!! Someone in the area befriend him so he can show how its really done!! The opposite wall needs a full wall graphic of the pits at Nurburgring or something local to his shop.
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