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  1. Looks like a Squidward autograph
  2. Look out for the kittehs from Reddit
  3. BTW 😎 Bham ,I did, I did see what you did there BTW
  4. Little different double BTW. Yeah its a novel..Suck it up and buckle up😁 Flat Glass job . Get to house to install DC on an odd +/- 50"x60", poor access upstairs window that faces street the custy does not want the hassle of drapes or blinds on. 1st BTW... Zero mention on W/O about the removal of alligatored old sun control on the work order. I thought it was an over the phone quote. "Hey custy ...the removal is not mentioned on W/O. It will take some extra time and clean up not accounted for in the price". "I have to call shop to make sure its been addressed properly, This should have added to the cost of the project. I must also let Scheduling know I'll be longer ". Custy....." No problem, Sales guy was here and saw it. Not sure why he did not include the time. I'm fine with an added charge". "Hey Scheduling ..I'll be longer ... Sales did not mention removal of film and I have to call him for up-charge or not and then get to it" Scheduling..."No problem..hes in the office He should pick up." Called Sales "Hey...You did not include for the removal ,That's chargeable time and fowls up scheduling" . Sales.. ." YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE EXISTING FILM ANYWAY!!!! GET THE EFFING WINDOW DONE AND TELL THE EFFING BITCH THERE WILL BE NO ADDED COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 2nd BTW..... ( Custy can hear it all through phone . She went from very pleasant to ANGRY🤬🤬) She asked for my cell to talk to Sales ... " I'm not very pleased with how you talk to your crew you Jack@$$. I heard every word you said and I told you when you were here to measure up that I'm fine with all costs related to RE and RE. ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MORON TALKING ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT? I'LL BE HAVING A CHAT WITH THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY!!!!!!" She promptly handed me back the phone while I stood there a few seconds mouth and eyes wide open struggling to believe this just happened. She was back to pleasant demeanor to me ,but still hot about the sales guy while she called the owner on her cell. Dude became a former sales guy very quickly .
  5. I strongly dislike popcorn for reasons noted above. Also seems like you are chewing on packing peanuts soaked in warm butter and salt or other flavours
  6. Stop eating popcorn while you are working
  7. There is a level of cringe factor. Viewer beware !!!!! Someone in the area befriend him so he can show how its really done!! The opposite wall needs a full wall graphic of the pits at Nurburgring or something local to his shop.
  8. I agree with Gus. Take your concerns to the shop that did the work so they can get it right.
  9. LOTS of YT vids out there. How "easy " it is depends on condition of underlying paint and the brand of vinyl used. If lights and trim were removed for install will add time to your removal as well. Heat is your friend and your enemy. Be careful where you aim it!!!!
  10. Lots of fun on MORR . So far the Corvair build has been interesting. Looking forward to seeing it doing some recoverys. would NOT want to sit in the back!!
  11. Sounds like you need to stop going to stores
  12. Kinda slow due to ....well you know... Wifey works at customer service at a local mall . Its still AMAZING how mentally challenged people are. Recent call in... " My area is locked down with a stay at home order .... can I come to your mall and shop?" A walk in ignores ALL the signage....." Why are all the stores closed?" Wifey-They are not closed, They are online with curbside pick up only except for food and medical related ." But I want to shop and try on some clothes "
  13. If you like vehicles of all sorts you have probably come across Larry's Channel Ammo NYC. I trust this vid is going to push sales of PPF to be installed places other than some of you are used to. Cheers