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  1. LOTS of YT vids out there. How "easy " it is depends on condition of underlying paint and the brand of vinyl used. If lights and trim were removed for install will add time to your removal as well. Heat is your friend and your enemy. Be careful where you aim it!!!!
  2. Sounds like you need to stop going to stores
  3. Kinda slow due to ....well you know... Wifey works at customer service at a local mall . Its still AMAZING how mentally challenged people are. Recent call in... " My area is locked down with a stay at home order .... can I come to your mall and shop?" A walk in ignores ALL the signage....." Why are all the stores closed?" Wifey-They are not closed, They are online with curbside pick up only except for food and medical related ." But I want to shop and try on some clothes "
  4. If you like vehicles of all sorts you have probably come across Larry's Channel Ammo NYC. I trust this vid is going to push sales of PPF to be installed places other than some of you are used to. Cheers
  5. Its been 16 ish years . Pretty sure they are over it....???
  6. Hey Y' all have the best 2020 Christmas your locality will allow . Be safe out there
  7. Custy fouls it up....... Complaint comes.... You must not have followed the directions.... Would you like to buy another kit and try again....you know.... to protect your expensive bike frame...
  8. Saw this ad come up and was astounded at the prices for the kits. If you are near a bike shop let them know of your services!!!! https://www.ridewrap.ca/products/
  9. Less slip is best . Just enough to position . Eat your Wheaties before installation . SLOW DOWN !!!! Pretend its your job to remove ALL the water/slip solution !! Oh wait ...IT IS YOUR JOB!! The faster you go, the more "hydro planing " happens leaving slip solution behind. Use a solid blue blade squeegee no more than 6" wide . HORIZONTAL PASSES ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vertical passes leave trails water will follow causing blisters. Horizontal leaves no place for water to flow. Water pressure at any depth is the same in a slip trail , fish tank or the lake. It will push the film off the glass!! For easy alignment of your squeegee passes ,line up handle with the division between wet and dry from your last pass. Be sure to "snowplow "at about 10° steering slip solution down the glass with each pass.
  10. Getting in good with all the local contractors as the ""I know a quy" guy will be the best place to be if you want to go all deco. I hope you are already good at reading plans. Bidding on new construction will be a good place to find the work. Do you already have a plotter ?
  11. Please post pics of the offense so we can better evaluate what the issue is
  12. Not sure why Reddit links look messed up . I thought the folks here could appreciate the absolute foolishness...