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  1. Hi Guys, What FIlm suppliers are people using in the uk at the moment and which carry a good service. I am Currently using Suntek and used the film for the past 7 years and love the film, cant fault it. its just recently ive noticed bad service and many order errors, maybe due to the change of owners and systems but its been the last 4 orders consecutively mucked up with pretty much no apology and me losing out to pick up the bill. Im not looking for a budget film or trying to save money, i just want a good film that performs well and carries a good customer service. Any recommendations or opinions will be appreciated as i feel at the moment im giving my hard to come by cash to people that dont give a hoot.
  2. Anybody done one yet. I have a customer interested but the rear deck looks to be too deep and close for an immaculate install. Not too keen on jumping straight in and pulling out seats.