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  1. 11% interior reflectivity is virtually the same as unfilmed glass. 17% while not much, will have a bit more sheen. Have samples of each put up side by side and view at night.
  2. First replace your cutting strip. Make sure you remove any adhesive left behind before putting new strip in. Reset your settings. 18 is way too high on force. Slow speed to 15, start with force of 10, reset with your blade barely exposed and test cut. If you need to bump up force do only by 1 degree at a time. After you are cutting well adjust speed up to 20 if you want a faster cut.
  3. You may have already gauged your cut strip if you have the blade too far out of holder. It barely needs to be exposed out of tip to cut window film. Adjust your blade positioning and start at force of 10, speed of 15. Test cut and adjust force by increasing to 11, then 12 and so on (1 point increments) until cutting well. If you can feel a groove in cutting strip with fingernails you may need to replace strip with new.
  4. Global - Indian Made- Garware family coverage F1 Classic - USA Made - Eastman Chemical covered I know many don't care but - a difference. Also, F1's lifetime no charge transferable warranty is a vehicle value enhancer that should be part of sellers vehicle description if selling vehicle. Only warranty like it in industry. F1 dealers never have issue with redoing cars when being warranty reimbursed. Warranty reimbursement rate is generous. Again, important fact. You'd truly be an original if you go with Global on all of vehicle and F1 Classic on windshield. Given a choice I'd say 90 percent of consumers or better would go entirely F1...
  5. Very cool you made it as far as you did with nearly 100 or so competitors. That puts you in top 10%!
  6. Yes, but no box. It should be packed in factory packaging and strapped to a pallet to ship.
  7. Wow! If that does not make you think twice about less expensive Asian products and how they'll stand behind them not sure what will... Sh#t runs downhill. You buy either imported direct or reboxed ppf or window film and failure occurs - I'd rather be backed by a US manufacturer with finances and goal of long term brand name protection. Your reboxer may suck it up, maybe.. Think differently? This guy could be you...
  8. Like new, barely used Graphtec FC 7000, 64". Set up for window film or PPF. $3500 -pm for information or leave contact info. Pick up only close to Greensboro NC.
  9. On many cars that have looser seals, if you drop the exact length of gasket wizards you need if you don't use bungees, or they can overlap if you use bungees, you can easily drop the film on the saturated with slip solution door glass and slide beneath seal of a side window that has been dropped just enough to set top edge after sliding film into place. Obviously there are those that prefer to pull any seals they can and others that let the wizard open that space. It's a good option for speed/volume shops. If you set up plotter close to peel boards, try and have a peel board on each side of car, preferably on wheels and 4' height by 8' long or close, cut all side windows and take to peel board on solid sheet - liner to glass, cut around each pre cut, spray film side with slip and sandwich both roll downs together to double shrink, after shrinking separate and place each pattern upside down in forward direction on peel boards on appropriate side of car. You can then peel entire liner, handle film from underneath on SR coat with both open hands and slide either into gap created by seal removal or gasket wizard. Goes a long ways toward pushing out more vehicles through repetition and time management.
  10. I spent way less on my set, maybe $75 but that was back in the early 90's and still use today. They last indefinitely.
  11. Agree, I prefer wizard for bottom load too. Trying to throw out alternative to anything metal with a handle that you are going to slide back and forth on top of a door panel.
  12. There's a plastic tool called the Edge, has the handle and curved plastic edge for about $6 bucks. I'd give that a try. Personally I prefer the gasket wizard - no bungee, to make full use of 2 hands when tucking film.
  13. I know this is a couple months now but...If you can't get the DL05, you could use the ATC 05 in 72". It actually has less reflectivity and all you are giving up is a short warranty the DL offers.
  14. Why not install 4mil clear over top. either a strip or large piece?