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  1. From what I hear, it isn't a franchise, but Sunscreen is basically a direct line to George. He may then contract one of their franchises to do the work, but "Sunscreen" remains owned by MEP/Worldmark, not a franchisee. Interested if you've heard different though. Sounds like you've heard one of the franchises is taking on the work.
  2. Now that MEP have bought Sunscreen and D3, they are expanding the installation business into Melbourne. How do Melbourne tinters feel about their supplier setting up their own installation business in direct competition?
  3. Have seen this on automotive (won't name the brand, but not 3M), but the top layers had actually migrated upwards, so there was an inch overhang at the top of wind ups. Obviously just a poor laminating adhesive. The migration on auto wind ups is obviously from force/friction from winding down the windows, but in this case looks like pure gravity.
  4. Everyone would like a clean car, but if you were getting your house professionally painted, would you wash your house? If not, would you expect a professional painter to clean the surfaces first, or just paint over the dirt? We may hate dirty cars, but that isn't an excuse for a dirty job, and even more so, not an excuse to leave a crappy job on the window. Should the OP wash his car before taking it back? Shouldn't have to, but I would, so the tinter has no lame excuse.
  5. CR40 = 60% TSER on angle Now, now. Only one figure quoted for the auto range (probably is an on angle figure)
  6. I understand that the Suttons group deal is directly through 3M, and not via their film distributors... Could end up that MEP and 3M go head to head to compete for dealerships to supply 3M film? I don't understand why 3M feel the need to cut their own distributors out of the deal... Ooohhh yah.. Money. Not familiar with the individual dealership, but would think they deal directly with Toyota, not 3M. Toyota, on the other hand, would be dealing direct with 3M and not a distributor. There are a few situations where they would deal direct to cut out the middle man, but obviously only on bulk on-going projects. Cherry picking, I believe is the term. Interestingly, in competing for dealerships, it could be that MEP compete with Toyota for a Toyota dealership. Knowing what car manufacturers are like, maybe it would affect the factory warranty if not buying the "genuine Toyota" tint. Certainly there would be all sorts of "incentives" for the dealer to buy through their parts division.
  7. I have a vague recollection of fitting one, about 10 years ago, no idea of manufacturer. I'm sure it had both a release liner and a sacrificial liner on the surface.
  8. The product used for Toyota is not exclusive, it's CS35 & 50. The "Black Knight" warranty may be exclusively used for Toyota, but is simply a remnant of previously sold 3M film. It is thin, but most tinters wouldn't (shouldn't) have issues installing it. Suntek, Solar Gard and Hanita are 3 examples of other films that are also sold here directly by the manufacturer (no "middle man") but don't offer the prices that ASWF do. There is a reason why cheap films are cheap...just my opinion ;)
  9. So, any MEP customers here that would care to ask their rep what the plan of attack is, and when they can see a new price list?
  10. Actually, I think in time they will become very happy about it... For years D3 (AKA Sunscreen) have been wholesaling 3M graphic films way below their list prices. This has caused much tension between all the parties. No doubt prices will return to the upper level with the new ownership... Counting on it. As far as graphics go though, Spicers is the new big player in 3M vinyl supply. Reportedly taking on DI-NOC and Fasara according to a WA. tinter who has been called already by Spicers. The pricing thing will be interesting as I'd expect to see a sharp increase from the Sydney distributor for window film in particular, however I have seen very sharp prices in the past from MEP for Frosted & Dusted etc. Tiny margins for large customers and huge margins for independents to compensate. On another note, does anyone here get the newsletter from ? (I think that's what it's called). I always have trouble trying to get to linked articles there, but was told today, that there is an article about Eastmans going factory direct to all their dealers (I presume in the US.) Maybe this is a global strategy for Eastmans.
  11. Disgusting. And that's all I have to say about that.
  12. There would be many, many more installers/sales reps who are actually WERS accredited, however to be listed on WFAANZ, you need to be a paid up member. That also means individually paid up. If a business has 3 accredited people on staff, there has to be 3 memberships paid to list them all. You can't just pay one membership for the business and list all your accredited people. The WERS accreditation may not be super important to have (still, after all these years) but it can be successfully marketed as some sort of qualification and credibility that your competitor may not have. You can also use WERS certification as added value when quoting. Sell the idea that not only does the customer get their windows tinted, but you will also provide some sort of energy certification. This is already becoming more relevant on commercial properties where they must disclose energy efficiency to tennants, (in some states).